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    Kuvempu a professor with a difference.

    I was hoping someone would raise a thread on today google doodle. It's a fantastic image of a dignified person clad in white writing with the lush green landscape in the background. Friends, today's google doodle depicts a famous son of Karnataka who is still a literary giant in the state's rich heritage of intellectuals. Kuppali Venkatappa Puttappa or KuVemPu (29-12-1904 to 11-11-1994), is one of the greatest poets the land has seen. He took upon himself to popularise mother tongue in the state via education in Kannada. He had no bias on caste and started the Insitute of Kannada Studies. He has been awarded the Jananapith and Padma Vibushan awards during his lifetime. Indian postal services have issued a stamp featuring him in 1997 and this year too.
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    Great piece of information Natarajan. I tried to see the Google doodle, but I think it has got disappeared now. Good to know about a prominent poet.
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    Good information from the author. These days we are getting good pieces of information because of the Google doodle. They are creating every day one doodle of a great personality who born on that day or somehow connected to that date. This is giving an occasion to the members to raise a post and all the members getting educated. A good way of teaching and learning. Good post and getting educated.
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    I faintly recall the name of KuVemPu. But I have heard about Kuvempu university. Is there any connection between the two?

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    I do know that K.V. Puttappa (KuVemPu) was a great exponent of Kannada Literature. I also know that KuVemPu University is to honour this great man. But I did not know that 29th December was his birthday. Belated respect to the renaissance man of Kannada literature.
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    @Venkiteswaran Sir. Kuvempu university in Shimogga, Karnataka, is named in honor of this legend who promoted the mother tongue in a very noble manner by encouraging it's study by the common man rather than forcing it.

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