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    Sharing a personal experience amounting to cheating.

    Just one week before I escaped from an attempt to cheating. After the lunch I was taking rest. Time may be around 3.00 pm. I received phone call in my land phone. A gentleman addressed me by my name politely and said he was calling from LIC main office at New Delhi. He read my house address and asked whether it was right. I said ok. Then he said that I was to get some amount as the last instalment of one of my matured policy. He added that my agent might not have advised me about this last repayment sum.
    Though he spoke these in broken English, very often he was mixing with Hindi. So he told me that after a while a lady, whose name was also given, would speak to me after a few minutes. As advised by this man another call came to me after five minutes. She was speaking good English and I could follow clearly. She also said that I was eligible for about three lakh rupees as the pay back for a policy I had taken about twenty years ago. I told her that I was not having any such policy
    I had got all amounts related every policies.Pnly one policy is remaining that is a pension policy
    From that policy I am getting more than eight hundred rupees every month regularly till date. I am sending a life certificate every year end to make the policy alive. Then she said this was not that policy. This give the payments in instalments and the last part is remaining. I was to tell her whether I am interested in the balance amount, if not give such a reply. I told her I have to verify all my policies and related records before giving a reply. Then she said that the next should call me back.

    I went through all my records and I found that the pension policy alone was live. However, next day I went to the local LIC office and reported the matter. The Officer said that nobody would call from New Delhi Office if the policies are taken from Kochi. Only call would come from Ernakulam Office.
    He also checked all records about my policies from the computer in front of him. He got the same answer that only the pension policy is still alive.
    He advised me not to respond to such calls. There were similar incidents reported earlier. These people make money using this technique. They will request us to send a sum as processing fee and once it is received no further action will be there from their side.
    I just wanted to bring to your notice about this cheating technique.
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    Somebody must have been closely watching your activities and had a try to cheat you, Now a days everything is online and LIC also informs us before hand about any policy to be matured or gets to be renewed, The Chairman club of LIC in every region is very active and they have the data of all the policy holders of their area and hence if at all a person or call can come, it must be a courtesy call from Chairman club. Never get cheated by such brokers who may try to obtain your personal details of bank account and then plan for bigger fraud. LIC agents are very much active and you can consult them any time for help.
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    Usually cheaters call and try to cheat you. They will say pay some money to their account etc etc. You will eligible to get payments etc. Always pay to money in LIC office and take receipt of it.

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    T.M.Sankaran Sir,

    I seen ad on TV which says about such bogus calls and also to report it immediately. so after seeing here your post, I went to LIC site and found this -

    There they have given email to report bogus call. I think you must do this. You have caller id screen on your land phone which showed no. from where call came?

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    A year back I received a similar call saying that he is from LIC. Before one day of this phone call, we had a discussion on receiving bogus calls. I still remember that discussion and as such I don't have any LIC policies. Hence immediately I told him that I don't have any LIC policies and disconnected the phone call. I have not further taken any action on that call as I don't have any LIC policy.
    These days, this type of mischievous calls are increasing. So we should be careful in answering these calls. It is better to stop the conversation as early as possible and disconnecting the phone is the best course of action. Otherwise, we will be in unnecessary troubles. We should not share our personal details with strangers and unknown persons.

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    Good that you have brought it out. Recently one of my known person who was cheated and lost his 18K amount from his bank account. People also will call saying they are calling form the bank and provide you various reason to ask your credit/debit card number and also OTP. If you provide them the details be sure that your money will be looted from your account. Actually, no one from the bank ask for anyone's credit/debit card number or OTP.

    We must be aware of online cheating. Thanks for your timely thread.

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    Thanks for the comments and advises . As indicated in the response by Anandi the details about this cheating and the related site were detailed by the LIC officer whom I met. However, I was not to respond to the call without contacting the LIC people.
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    We get many such crank calls with specific details. All it takes is for one disgruntled employee to sell the information in exchange for money. Such things happen at regular interval. Do you get regular letters and call from apartment builders, calls from policy sellers, all they do is to get a list of people who earn a certain amount and can afford to have a home or a policy. Similarly people would have information personal to us and they would call us and ask for online or telephonic transactions. I have a victim of a similar scam wherein a known employee of a firm used my deposit for a few days,it came to light when the balance did not tally and I made a complaint. Beware of over friendly staff at banks and business houses, some are crooks who will build up a good image and then take us for a ride. For such events, it is best to take their numbers and insist that we'll call back. At least we have some time to verify the details and change of plans informed to us.

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    That's right sir, such fraud calls happen very often. I have faced such issue with myself. I received such a call a few months back, they said they are calling from SBI bank and I have applied for the ATM card from this bank. I was surprised to listen to that guy who was on the phone. I just thought that I had an ATM card of SBI long time back, which I am not using for a long time. In order to avoid the call, I told that I need to look into the details and get back to them later.
    Similarly, that guy was also talking in a strange tone. He told me to let me know when I can provide him the PAN card details of mine. Such people are very dangerous. He was directly asking for my PAN details. I told that I need to ask my father as he uses my ATM card. He told me that he will call half an hour later. I understood that it was a fraud call by some fraud company, with the way he was talking. That person called me continuously few more times and I did not answer. There are many such fraud calls that come to us and sometimes out of curiosity and not knowing about these fraudsters, we give them our personal details. We should be very careful with whosoever representative we talk on the phone, and the genuine people of the bank will never ask for our personal details online.

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    It is true that many of us face such problems. Hence the sharing of such experiences through this medium will help others to be more careful. There are different such frauds around us. They make money by any means. Hence publicise such wrong deeds as much as possible.
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    Apart from fraud calls, now we are getting another type of calls. We get a call and when we try to answer it, no one will respond and cut the call. This is happening frequently. My advice to all the members is to remember such numbers and ignore them when another call comes from the same or similar number, Do not try to attend missed calls from unknown numbers. If it is important, the other person will call again.
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    such cheating over telephones and mobiles are becoming common now. we should be very much alert from such calls by noting the unknown numbers. For this, my suggestion is to notify all numbers known to us in our mobiles with names and thereby we can simply identify the unknown numbers. Once a call to my mobile came by telling SBI manager card division and telling I have been provided with a photo card. He was telling his name as Muthusamy. He started asking my card number for verification by telling my name, mobile number etc., I told, he asked further the name as per card, later the expiry date, I told being by believing his telling as Manager of SBI. I awakened when he asked the cvv number and I stopped my talking to send the details over mail or post. He immediately told unless I give such information to him the card would be blocked from operations immediately. I boldly told him to do whatever he can and cut his connection. As it was in the day hours, I immediately by noting his mobile number, I called the SBI branch where I keep accounts and told the manager everything. He replied me that no telephonic confirmations would be asked from SBI related to any account or card information and further he assured that if any difficulty faced by them they will send a letter to the account holder by post to the the last known address.

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