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    Gaming - Has it become an addiction to people?

    Gaming includes playing all kinds of video games and also the games that are available on the internet. When we are in our teenage, we are all fan of these video games, I remember when I also loved playing the game Mario, and I used to play it whenever I used to get time. Also, there were many other like GTA Vicity and many more. Some people get addicted to such games and play it most of the time they are free. At this time, when the internet is used widely by a maximum number of people, playing games on the internet has become very common, the most famous one 'candy crush' is being loved and played by all. In fact, I have seen in my office, while people are free and going to the cafeteria, they are busy playing candy crush and not in the tea. Also, there are some mathematical games, which are played with a thought of having money. There is one such game in which you have to complete the puzzles and once you cross all the levels needed, you will get a cash prize. This is the way people get used to of playing such games. The advertisers nicely attract people to play such handy games.
    Video games or such internet games are becoming an addiction to the people today, people of any age group are involved in this. I was reading about it on a website and World Health Organization call it as "Gaming disorder." They say that such type of game attraction makes people irresponsible as well.

    You can read more about this Gaming disorder on this link below :

    Do share your thoughts on this.
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    Those who are enjoying the game on their gadgets, they wont listen to your commands, they wont mingle with others, they prefer to be single, they miss important events in life and ultimately they are discarded and not liked in the society. The aloofness and the selfish behavior sets in and those who try to disturb their gaming, they are chided and even befriended. I have seen this kind of attitude in many especially the youth. What they get from those gaming is not known, but they considerably waste their time and also gives anxious moments to others as those who are dependent on their presence would feel that they are left alone. Gaming disorder has to be curtailed and slowly a person has to be changed to go for other alternative way of enjoyment. If he thinks of gaming, then immediately should go out for having a meet with the friends.
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    I have also seen many people spending hours together on the computer or cell phone playing games. Many teenage people go on playing the games and they will not sleep till 2 AM or 3 AM. Then they go to sleep and get up only at 12 Noon or so. They miss the school and college. We used to read in the Puranas that there are some people called Demons who will be on tour in the nights and sleep in the daytime. Probably these people also belong to that class of people. That is why they are awake during the night and sleep in the daytime. This is a very serious habit and unnecessarily people will lose their important time and suffer later on in their lives. So we should not indulge in such activities and we should use our time for a value-added works rather than wasting like this. When our children start doing this we should see that the will not get addicted to this habit. We should not allow them to be awake until midnight and see that they are not wasting their time.
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    Most people play games on their mobiles or computers to pass time or to relax or have a short break during a hectic work schedule or study session. For some, it is the end of the day event that helps them to unwind. Children and adults find these games attractive with all the graphics and bonus points that it is very easy to get addicted to. Grand theft Auto is one of the most popular games that comes as a paid version. I've seen people play temple run, magic bricks very often when they have some time on hand. I think without their knowledge, they get hooked up to the game and start spending more and more time. So, yes, it has become an addiction for some who continue late in the night to beat boredom or being alone. I think, we should be conscious of the level of our involvement in such games, particularly children and start scaling down if it starts affecting our personality, studies, grade for children etc.

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    Do you know that the picture of super Mario is heavier (in memory ) than its original game?
    From 8 bits to HD. From HD to virtual reality.
    Gaming world adjusted and evolved in its 50 year course.
    The games nowadays are so addicting after all. Infact game plots are being made into movies and written as books.
    Virtual games transport you into a different world with unlimited life, on which you can happily throw away your only life.
    The only way to escape gaming addiction is to experience the real world with same enthusiasm. Sports must be encouraged at very young age.

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    Yes, gaming has become an addiction among youth especially the online gaming which totally covers up the mind of many young minds and all they think about is the characters of the games and mission.
    Conditions are so worst that many countries have to make rehabilitation classes for removing this bad habit from the youth of their country and make them involved in games where there is physical activity.
    there are such documentaries available where parents put their children into such rehabilitation centers.
    India does not so much bad situation but still, youth moving in this direction is a situation to think about.
    One should play video games and online games for fun for 1-2 hours at most but shouldn't get addicted to it.

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