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    Do you remove a person's image from your phone when they die?

    A simple question came to my mind. When my father asked me to delete the picture of my elder relative who is no more, he died yesterday.
    I was surprised with this thought. He asked my mother not to keep his pictures on the phone as he is no more with us. With doubt, I asked him back, "Papa, who told that I never deleted my grandfather's(my mother's father) picture from my phone, it is always there." He said, it is not considered a good sign, so you should remove it. I started arguing with him, he got angry as usual, so I stopped with my words there itself.
    But this question kept roaming in my head. I did not feel good. Our loved ones always stay in our heart, even if they have left the world. This does not mean that we should remove their pictures also from our life and diaries and mobiles.
    Did he say just like that or he meant it?
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    This is really a sensible question and not every one would answer it. Yes we do keep the images of near and dear ones and those are who very close to us. And when they suddenly depart, we feel emotionally charged and even cannot hold our outburst. When we keep their images in the cell phone the memories of his or her association with us and our family will linger in the mind and those moments cannot be forgotten. Since our mind does not forget them, we tend to be slow with present responsibilities and even absent minded with given task. Therefore it is better to avoid the images in cell phone. You can always transfer those images into a folder and keep them in the computer for future reference. Nevertheless those who died we must remember them for their good deeds and cause and pray the God to give them solace and peace for ever.
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    Generally, I don't keep any photographs of anybody on my cell phone. I keep all the photos in a photos folder on my laptop. But I have two photographs on my cell. The first photo is of my parents who are living in my native place. The second photo is of my mother's father, my grandfather. My grandfather died in the year 1999. But still, he is in my mind always. At least once a day I member him for something or other. So I want to keep his photo forever on my phone. I don't find anything wrong in that. My grandmother( My mother's mother) is still alive and she is staying with my parents as they don't have any sons. In my house, I have a photograph of my grandparents. When we can keep photos in the house, on the computer then why it is bad to keep on the phone. I am not able to understand. However, superstitions will not have any logic. But what I feel we should not keep that photograph as a wallpaper as it may divert our attention and we will go a bad mood if we always see that photo.
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    Pooja, it is purely a matter belief and practice of the individual or family. You may have seen many of our homes and commerical shops doing good buisness. If you focus or recollect the pooja corner or the near cash desk, there would always be pictures of God with flowers and lamp. Some would have framed pictures of the departed elders. If you closely see, in some places all images would be in a single row but in some places you will see pictures of departed elders set a little aside from that of God's image.
    Both are followed, sometimes the answers to these questions are not clear and at best muddled based on hearsay events related to the primary topic and best left alone. So, I would only suggest that accept what has been said, as sometimes it would be based on their unpleasant experience in the past on similar issues that people do not explain but just suggest what is to be done.

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    Pooja ji, it is not so easy to remove the image from phone or from our minds. Their thoughts if dear ones means repeatedly occupies the mind.

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    Mr. Ramachandran, that is what my question was. I know it is not easy to forget someone easily.

    But it is the elders only who say that they should not come in front of us we should remove their pictures.

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    If the question related to removing the image ( in the form of a photograph) it becomes a sensitive one. But if only the name and phone number are there as saved, then it won't be creating that much agony. In my case I don't keep photograph in the place of names. And I don't prefer keeping photographs in phone.

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    Maybe your father miss him . That is why he's avoiding to look at that dead relatives photo.
    Or your father is overtly superstitious.
    He thinks that dead one's photo is a sign of ill-luck.
    Or he's concerned that you might freak out one night remembering your dead relative.

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    I'm fortunate that i never take pics of anyone.
    Not even myself, else even I might end up in a situation like yours.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I have not come across a situation like yours. But I tell you, I used to wake up because of nightmare frequently in my school days. To me, the talk about funerals, seeing dead person's photo fuel to my frightening. So, my mother avoids such talk at home to keep me in peace.
    Either your father is of my type in his childhood and treat you the same way or he might be knowing anybody of such type.

    I inquired with my grandmother now, she has no idea to relate this scenario with any religious belief. This is something related to their mental acceptance of one's absence in life forever.

    Sri Vetri
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    From society to society, community to community and place to place there is a lot of difference in beliefs.

    It is very interesting to note that something not to be observed in one society is a common activity in other.

    So if a person says that the picture of a person who has died should not be kept in mobile, he may be doing it due to some belief which he might have picked from his environment or read somewhere and was impressed with. So it is only his belief.

    The children have an option of carrying these beliefs ahead just to respect their elders or they can simply dismiss them as from the rational point of view such beliefs do not stand merit.

    Knowledge is power.

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