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    My country is changing

    Within seventy years of independence, this particular class has become very arrogant. Instead of serving people, they want people serve them and fulfill their whims and fancies. But now people have understood them. Now people are forcing them to change their arrogant attitude.

    This happened in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. After the recent rout in the Assembly election, the party's president came to Shimla to assess the reasons for the loss. How can the local sycophants loose such opportunity? They made a beeline to pay their respect to their president. However, the personal security guards of the party president didn't allow many people inside and they informed the state security personnel accordingly.

    Now Ms. Asha Kumari, a newly-elected Congress MLA from Dalhousie, was not allowed inside to pay her obeisance to her party president. This was as per instruction given to state security personnel. But the arrogant MLA slapped an on-duty lady constable for not allowing her inside.

    But my country is changing. The on-duty lady constable did not tolerate the arrogance of the law-maker. She immediately slapped her back. The event became well-known within minutes. The MLA is being criticised by all for assaulting an on-duty Government employee.

    I hail the on-duty lady constable for teaching the arrogant Congress MLA a proper lesson. Definitely my country is changing.
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    The lady constable should be appreciated for standing against Ms. Asha Kumari, the Congress MLA. I am not happy about Ms. Asha Kumari slapping the constable and then the constable, in turn, slapping the M.L.A. The actions of the both are condemnable, one as a lawmaker and the other as the law keeper. This sort of behavior leads to law and order problems. One should not take the law into their hands. The incidents of lawmakers assaulting and abusing the police personnel are on the increase in the recent days. The BJP M.L.A. Radha Mohan Das Aggarwal was in news recently for abusing a woman I.P.S. Officer in Gorakhpur district. The woman I.PS. was in tears. In June 2017, Mr. Shriram Shankar, BJP M.L.A. misbehaved with a police constable and Sub-Inspector. We all know how Mr. Ganesh Joshi of BJP broke the legs of a constables horse with a lathi. Ramchandra Avsare, a BJP lawmaker from Maharashtra slapped a cop in Bandra. The incidents are innumerable. The behavior of such lawmakers are highly condemnable and not expected from a peoples representatives. Both the lawmakers and the police should show exemplary behavior.
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    Lady constable did right thing. just because MLA does not mean doing what she wants. It is like acting like a bully. bullying should not be tolerated.

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    I feel what lady police constable has done is very correct. If a normal person beats a constable who is on duty how much noise will happen we all know. Even the constable is at fault also we should not manhandle the law protector. You may be a PM, but when a security guard was instructed to stop all from entering inside he should do that. It is not his fault. The person should understand the limitations of the security guard. He has to follow the instructions of his boss. Even the police on duty may not be knowing that she is an MLA. The MLA might have obtained permission from the concerned instead of beating the police constable. The security police constable acted correctly. The incidents of this nature indicate the high headed nature of politicians. The concerned parties should take actions on the concerned and see that this type of incidents will not repeat.
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    True, that no one is above than the law but someone have to come forward to change the way which happen in our society. May be the lady constable could have gone for complaint but we know what would have happened after that. The matter would have been discussed in closed door taking the side of powerful people.
    To create awareness and to change something one have to take some action. And this is what has been coming out with this matter.

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    The first response (#621238) stated that both action of the MLA and reaction of the lady constable were bad. Thereafter, the response mentioned some cases of arrogance earlier shown by the elected representatives of a particular party. But the response hasn't mentioned what would be the preferred course of action for the lady constable when she was slapped first time? Should she forward other cheek to the MLA for another slap?

    For informing the Members that some other representatives of another party are law-breakers, the response was awarded cash credit. But to me, the response is partially irrelevant, because it did not address the core issue, i.e., how to check the arrogance of politicians.

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    I am sorry for the omission of the lawmakers from other parties. This trend is spread about in almost all the parties. The preferred course is to allow the law to take its own course. The lawmakers and law keepers should refrain from such actions.
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    Well no one is arrogant here. You just can't blame everyone. This is just small incident in which much younger lady of police force slapped the congress MLA. This is very unfortunate incident. We don't slap/Hit Elder people in our culture. This is not proud moment for anyone.
    Our country is not changing, it is getting impatient. I think both them will be regretting. Sooner or later that lady constable from Himachal pradesh may regret of what she did in past, because later in life, she will reach to that age.

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    I'm glad that the lady constable responded in kind, we have seen so many embarrassing events related to high handedness of the people in politics and power, people tying shoe laces, CMs slapping officers, issuing direct warnings, threatening dire consequences. Verbal abuse and Physical abuse by people in public life and Government positions should not be and would not be taken lightly. Such people, even though the event may be annoying, should think before reacting. If the MLA had just held her horses, then she wouldn't have the need to be slapped back by the lady constable. I think here age does not matter much, it fact with age,more responsibility should come from the part of the MLA.
    I only hope that the constable does not have to regret the incident as she would be small fry in comparison and people in power do not take such rebellion easily.Papers have also quoted that Mr.Rahul Gandhi has issued a statement that the MLA should not have behaved in that specific manner. If this is true, I'm glad that the Congress party president has shown maturity in looking at the event.

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    No one has the right to manhandle the other. The MLA, that too a lady MLA, should not have done this. The Police officer, being a lady should also have not retaliated in the same way. But tit for tat is the right thing. What both have done is both wrong and right. Both should regret for their act and shake hand for their own sake.
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    Mr. Rahul: "Well no one is arrogant here.''-What is the basis of this statement? Have you arrived from any other country that you don't notice the degeneration and arrogance of political class of the country?
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    I believe lot of politicians in India did great work for our country. Hence you can't generalize things of past 70 years. Like everyone in politics did bad work and all were arrogant.

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    Actually I had watched this new video early in the morning and really felt happy that a lady constable slapped the MLA in return not withstanding her duty at the venue were Rahul Gandhi was present and strict instructions were given not to allow any one. So the police constable followed the duty, but the so called MLA lost control and slapped the constable for "not recognising " even a MLA and that made her to slap. Notwithstanding the humiliation amid public the constable returned a tight slap on the face of MLA and thus become instant hit over the social media and this video gone viral. My appreciation to her.
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    We can count so many such incidences of arrogance and high handedness of politicians irrespective of parties. Since politicians have been given a preferential treatment by the administration for favours. I remember security officers and IAS officers bowing before politicians and even cleaning shoes of the politicians in power. All this increases the arrogance and intolerance of these politicians.

    I find intolerance of the MLA in this case. The lady constable was doing her duty. To my mind this was a wrong action of the MLA. The MLA was not supposed to do in this way. The reaction of the lady constable was also against the police manual. She could have taken the MLA in custody and handed over to the law. The constable has also taken law in her hand. We see constables beating common people very often.

    I suspect that the constable could not recognise the MLA and she slapped the MLA as if she was a common lady. The constables normally behave with a common man in this way. This became a news since one MLA was involved in the incidence.

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