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    Human being faces are different and not similar. Does God have so many prototypes with him ?

    There are seven continents namely Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America. There is a saying that resemblance of each human being face is found at seven places. That means there would be similar persons like us and they are seven in numbers spread over the world. But what I feel that there may be similarities but cannot be exact prototype of each Individual. Now the real doubt . if that is the case does God really has so many prototype dyes with him to create so many faces running in to several crores ?
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    I feel that God is having many talents and is called architect and sculptor of world so can make anything from anything. Maybe sometimes to make something interesting makes people with same face, like triplets!! We also read sometimes how people find each other, like same look brother or sister after many years through facebook. So maybe God only put idea of facebook in person mind who made facebook so that these people can find each other.!! What you say?

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    The God is a Sculptor. I Sculptor will not have any prototype. For him, every man is a doll made one at a time. Sometimes he may be making the dolls in the same way probably. We come across many people with a lot of similarities. The sons of same parents look alike in many aspects. Similarly, the daughters of the same parents may look alike. This all may be dependent on the family. I heard the same issue regarding the 7 people of the same shape.But I don't know whether all of them will be on the same continent or different continents. As far as my thought s go, I feel similar people will be there on the same continent. Scientifically also chances of having similarities will be there in similar environmental conditions. So we will come across sometimes the persons with the similar people sometimes within the same area.
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    At the simplest level, if we trace back over the centuries, logically we should go back to one man and one woman from whom we all originated. Many religions believe that God created man and woman on this Earth. The creator had created humans and if we look back 200 million years ago almost all the continents were connected. So logically as the human race expanded and the continents broke, they gradually started to have an identity of their own based on the geographic landscape, weather, resources and over a period of time each continent have a more or less similar identity for face. But when we observe closely, there would be changes. For example to us all Chinese or Japanese will look the same, but there would differences that are obvious to the people of that nation. So, I think, God created us as one, passage of time and different ages has introduced obvious changes in our form and shape that gives us an unique ethnicity related to the land and its tradition.

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