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    Terrible loss of lives in Mumbai restaurant fire

    You all read about the fire in a Mumbai restaurant? So many lives lost. Enjoyment turned to death. Horrible. And why? It seems the local municipal officials had a few times removed illegal extension of the restaurant. so if it was violating laws, why the licence not cancelled right away? Why was it allowed to continue?

    Feel sad for the families.
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    It was a birthday bash. But turned out to be a den of death. The lady who was celebrating the birthday died with her another 10 friends who came to attend the party. It is her 29th birthday and that is the last day of her life. Out of the 14 died, 11 were ladies only. Another 19 people were very critically injured. About 50 persons got injuries. Minimum protection measures were also not there in the pub where they were celebrating the function. This incident indicates the negligence of the concerned department officials including police. When there are no minimum safety measures why the licence was given is the question which is to be answered by the concerned officers. Now they say the accident happened due to short circuit which is the general reason for al fire accidents. The government should take such incidents very seriously and should punish all the people involved including the senior officers who are involved in sanctioning the licence and neglected the safety measures. If it is the situation in a metro city like Mumbai, what to tell about other areas?
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    In India we have the very bad precedent of reacting to the incidents and accidents after they occur and create great loss of lives and value. The civic authorities are not strict on the hotels as the rules are floated thanks to the connivance of local ward member. This kind of involvement is very much present in every part of the country and the thing is that many matters are not reported. Now that Shiv Sena and BJP are at logger heads on petty issues, this fire accident would add fuel to their strain relations. Hope some stern actions and laws would be framed for those who make such mistakes in future.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. A very sad event. God forbid such events at least from now.

    We cannot blame fate on these things. Human errors , negligence and arrogance throwing caution, precaution and alert warnings to wind are the causes of most of such tragedies. Human greediness and gaudiness are the core factors in these.
    Hope at least by now we will learn lessons .

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    This sad tragedy should be a alert call to all the major cities in India with respect to the New year Day, wherein there would be huge crowds with little focus on safety and inspections. Just last week, we read a report about illegal pubs in residential areas of Bangalore. Many such pubs and small dance hangouts are spread across the country that are popular with the teenagers. It is sad that so many people have lost their lives in such a terrible way. These joints cannot run without the cooperation of the local authorities and leaders. With their blessings and greed for corruption, the owners of such pubs turn a blind eye to safety and keep building up and expanding the clubs flouting all safety norms and building norms. It is disheartening to see that people have to die to enforce the basic rules that should have been followed much earlier. Now the civic authorities have woken up and checking the licenses of other pubs and demolishing the illegal ones.

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