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    "Do not give in to hatred which will destroy you from within."

    " Hatred is the vice of narrow souls; they feed it with all their littleness, and make it the pretext of base tyrannies." by Honore de Balzac.

    Hate is like cancer which destroys the conscience. Our minds are capable of drawing rational conclusions based on the facts. If this faculty of ours is not balanced and not used properly, we end up with the wrong judgment which in turn develops into hatred towards a person or something. It is a sort of mental illness and has bad consequences. The mentality of fighting fire with fire and evil with evil is not good and it does not work also. We have to fight fire with water and evil with good. The people who are susceptible to hatred are usually the most unhappy people in their lives. Our lives are short. Let us all enjoy the life by spreading love and happiness not only to ourselves but to all around us. Spread love but not hatred towards any person or anything in your life.
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    The contemporary world proves that hatred can't be won by love. So, there is no other alternative to finish hatred except by hatred or by violence.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I agree with the author to some extent. We should not fight evil with evil and fire with a fire under normal conditions. We should try to fight the fire with a suitable devise which will cease the fire and keep you normal. similarly, we should fight evil with love. That will give us peace of mind. But sometimes it will become very difficult to fight out those issues as soft as possible. Then there is a saying that thorn for a thorn.
    But I agree that we should not be under the wrong influence of hate and we should try to spread love and affection in our life.

    always confident

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    Its easy to provide lecture than follow the same. The author himself lose his control many times when someone talk against his party congress. He even team up with other who follow his party to counter argument with members. I am surprise he is talking like Gandhi here. I would advice him first go through his own threads and responses before advising others.

    It seems everyone wants to be Gandhian then who will be Bhagat Singh and Netaji?

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    Although Gandhi's non-violence is very easy to preach, most of the people preach this non-violence whenever the get opportunity, but they don't follow this principle in their life.

    On the other hand, it is not easy to sacrifice everything and work like Netaji or Bhagat Singh.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The world is a mix of people from various cultures and faiths. In the history of the world we have seen many empires fighting each other for greed, for obsession, for fanaticism and hatred. There have been few who have fought battles for justice, violation of rights and to uphold moral values. So, it's not a surprise that people have different approaches to the problems and issues of life.

    There are many videos of elephants in the jungle calmly feeding when people do not disturb it. When people disturb it, you can see videos of how it does a mock charge or loses its temper and kills the person taunting it. Both such videos exists on you tube.

    Similarly, as long as we are left alone,we do not respond until provoked and life goes in a civilized manner it's fine. When people purposefully target, taunt or trouble us, we can give a warning or show a guarded response that usually works with many. Some who are adamant are actually people who hate us and they are not civilized people. So in such extreme circumstances we too need to respond in such a way that they understand.

    I'm using the word extreme circumstances because, normally we don't need to develop hatred towards someone, even if they are on the wrong side, just ignoring them or getting a polite message (don't mess with me) across helps.

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    Continuing further, I wish to add that hatred shuts our mind and thinking process. This bad trait once developed will harden our mind and leads us towards a state of perennial hatred. This may affect our good-wishers and friends as we tend to lash out at them also. The persons with such trait are to be dealt with sympathy and understanding but not with hatred.....
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    I have asked this question in one of my response but got no answer. Everyone talks like a saint that don't hate someone but why in the first place anyone will "hate" someone? I feel no one is so much mentally ill at least in the group of knowledgeable people to behave like that. Obviously, there has been much and more to talk as why to hate someone, unless one get hurt/insult or get behaved badly, First you torture someone, insult someone and advise him "don't hate"? It is indeed a so called educated person only can talk.

    So, more importantly the saint who talk "don't hate", instead spread such message "don't get hated".

    I am yet to get my answer from the author, is he purposely left out or don't have my answer?

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    I agree with the author, hatred is not a good thing. It is a negative attitude and will spread negativity inside us always. So, we should try to stay away from it.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Well author has started this thread with few words like Soul, Conscience which means it is more like spiritual level comment rather than current world. If we forget that we have souls as well and with definitive purpose, we will not be able understand actual meaning of it. If we think, we are here for tit for tat and taking revenge with others etc etc.
    I build negativity inside deep. Negativity can't be healed with negativity. It just create imbalance of energies of our body, mostly mental. If you do more negative and create negatives with others, with will create more bad of yourself rather than doing any good with any one. It just give instead happiness of sometimes or relief to you, maybe not permanently.
    @ Partha
    I think, you are mentioning about humans which don't have souls and who don't care about that they have souls. Or rather country is in the state of WAR. Where we soldiers have to fight others to win. One country try to win others. In response we need to retaliate. So, violence is necessary.

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    Normally, hate is a product of some dogma. The people who have a fixed set of rigid views for a particular issue are the easy prey of hate. Mostly religious dogmas are the main sources of mass hatred. Fortunately, the persons or group of persons , who propagated hatred were not successful.

    I do not think that only hatred is the answer to hatred. But, this will spoil the both sides and there is no end to this. I do not think that only love will finish this evil. Hate is a dogma and it can not be finished only by removing or eliminating haters.

    A logical combination of efforts to minimise the reasons of hate and some times punishment as a fear and deterrent if it is against the well being of majority people, may be a solution to this evil.

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    It depends on the circumstances too and how we use it. Hatred need not be only limited towards, people, a religion or an ideology. How about hating a negative event or thought. I/We hate to cry, to lose, to be defeated; I hate to harbor negative thoughts or aspirations. Preparing hard because we hate to fail. So, hate can be used to reinforce our dislike towards an adverse event or a negative result.

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    This is a general post based on a quotation. The content of the thread starts with the quotation by Honore de Balzac. I find that this thread is not liked by two of the members. It attracted personal comments. I do not know the reason. We are all human beings. We all have our shortcomings. That does not mean that we should not tell something good.
    Whatever it may be, if some members felt hurt, I am sorry about that.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    KVVR, there is no need to say sorry I know why this thread has been posted. However my question is also relevant to your subject if you or any educated person like you can answer it. I would be really glad.

    Why in first place any one will hate someone?

    And shouldn't we spread message " Don't do that for that people will hate you"?

    Instead we lecture "don't get hatred feeling "?

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    I am very happy that you know why this thread is posted. The answer to your question is explained in the content of the thread itself.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    KVRR, Glad that I could make you happy in new year. There are some people who are blessed with extra intelligent and you are one of them. I am not as such level so don't understand the thing unless it comes to me straight as I myself a straight person. So, it is obvious that I could not find my answer in your thread unless you provide me with your extra knowledge.

    Mr. KVRR, will you stops showing your grudge over your thread! I feel the person who carrying such thoughts for long is more responsible than who has hatred feeling in them. The new year has come and we are in 2018, could you please come up with your fresh ideas and thread than running behind something which has just past?

    Let's make the forum glow with new ideas and fresh thoughts, I am going to do it now will you?

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    Since you say you cannot understand, I am explaining again. A person may develop a hard feeling towards someone or something. Gradually the hard feeling may develop into anger. Over a period of time, the anger develops into hatred. This hatred once enters the mind of a person, it will make him unable to think rationally. Forget and forgive and forget should be the attitude of a person to live happily. That is the gist of the thread.

    Your statement "Mr. KVRR, will you stops showing your grudge over your thread!". I am unable to understand your statement. How can I have a grudge against my own thread?

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    KVRR, You said, "a person can develop hard feeling toward someone..." ok I can understand it. But why a person can develop the hard feeling at first? I am sure no one can simply hate or dislike someone! You provided the details for what you are talking all about. You have not answer that why one should feel at first?

    You will understand Sir why I said like this. You could have easily left out this thread since no one has answered it after 30th Dec, yet you came up to pull this thread. Why? It simply means that what your mind is thinking it could not get over from it. Am I right. When we should leave the matter in 2017, your are dragging in to 2018!

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