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    Good luck or Bad luck

    When something unfavorable happens we often hear people around us say, "That was a hard-luck!", "Bad luck, better luck next time" etc. On the other hand, if something good happens people say "You are a lucky person!" etc. Before any exam or an important event people wish "All the best". So undoubtedly luck plays an important part in any endeavor we undertake and sometimes even with the best of the preparations people do not come out well if luck is not on their side. I feel these facts have led people taking luck in a very loose way where people try to hide the reason behind any occurrence behind the curtain of luck. So sometimes if a person fails he will say " It was my bad luck". On the other hand, if some other persons get something positive they say, "Luck favored him".

    Sometimes blaming or giving credit to luck for everything makes it difficult to look further, analyze the outcomes and know the improvement that is required. So it becomes a roadblock to our own progress. Whether it is success or failure we need to be very clear whether it was luck factor responsible or our own actions. Let me explain with an example below.

    A person leaves home for railway station well in advance, keeping the required buffer time. He gets stuck in unexpected massive traffic jam and reaches station late to find that he missed his train. Well, it can be said that this person was unlucky. On the other hand, if a person leaves for railway station barely on the verge of time without keeping any buffer time and he misses the train then this person cannot be called unlucky. It is a problem with his planning and time management and a mistake on his part.

    So sometimes it's luck that plays its part in deciding outcomes of efforts we undertake but at other times it is our own effort and hard work that is a deciding factor. Hence always blaming the luck for one's failures and not trying as well as relying too much on luck and diluting one's effort can be both dangerous.
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    Good time and bad time. The other name for luck is time. His time was bad. His time was good. It was his bad time that he could not catch the train. It is his good time that he escaped from the accident.
    So Time = Luck, Luck = Time. More than the luck, the time plays its role.

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    Definitely luck is an important factor which can't be ignored. But I do know and have seen in real life that ''fortune (luck) always favours the brave''.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Very true Partha. Fortune favors the bold.

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    Though we may put cent percent effort, the achievements are not met and we fall short of some requirements and that is where the luck factor plays major role. What is the use of studying late hours and toiling before exams and when the results comes we fall short of distinction ? What is the use of preparing good food and there are no invitees or guest to taste and give certification. What is the use of wearing a good dress, when others wont notice nor pass their comments. All these may be petty matters for many, but the luck factors do work on these and that is why some are benefited and many fails.
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    Luck, is a finite measure of favourable probabilities. A brilliant statician and mathematician with always have luck by their side. Infact they can play with it.
    We must always take calculated risks to cut down the unfavoring "luck".
    As you said about the massive traffic.
    Well that cannot be averted. So an intelligent solution, which I cannot come up with as of now, must be made to revert the luck.
    Luck can be reversed, toyed with and totally forsaken too,if you have good understanding of probability.

    How do you gain good probability estimation?
    Intel. Gather information. Gather all the routes and methods you need to solve the problem. Then by counting the odds and favourable outcome you can perfectly escape the fate.

    Luck has a little role in life, if you consider every probability in your life. But life is filled with randomness and collecting random data is next to impossible. So, we cannot escape the word luck after all.

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    To me, luck is being at the right time, right place and under the right circumstances. Since it's an undefinable quantity that is difficult to assess and judge, people over the years have given it many shades and hues.There are people who wear a lucky charm, play the same number at the lottery, keep the same number for their business ventures all based on a belief that it would be lucky.
    Two well-known figures, Mr.Rahul Gandhi, has become the party president and Mr.Virat Kohli, has got married. If they do well their change is status will be given credit, if they fail to deliver, many would jump in and blame the elevation or the marriage for their respective failures or setbacks. Many have tried to analyse luck logically and the closest or practical statement I've heard is being prepared when the right opportunity comes by.

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    It is true. I agree with the author. Some people without putting proper efforts attribute the failure to bad luck. But we should always try our best, give our 100%, should not leave any stone unturned and be alert to get the result in our favour. Even after this if we fail to get the expected result, we can attribute that to our luck. Sometimes we will get some fortune without trying and without even expecting. This can be called our good luck. Getting the first prize for the only lottery ticket purchased once in a lifetime is nothing but a dam luck.
    This luck favours us some time and sometimes will not favour us. Even though we start late, got delayed on the way due to traffic and reached station late. We will enter station without any hope of catching the train. But the train has just reached the station as there is a late for the train also. Then we can say we are lucky.

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    I agree with the author that we should not blame our luck for everything, even if we fail. Failures happen as a part of our progress, so we should accept. But sometimes, the situation gets opposite, the hard workers are not able to make it to a good job at all, but the less hard-working people and the unexpected ones are able to make it. The reason behind is the luck that favored them.
    Luck plays an important role too in our lives. My belief is, it is 50% luck and 50% of your hard work that is involved.
    But yes, it should not be called as a blaming factor for success.

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