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    Let the authors make badge appeal and the members may vote to decide the badges

    The response to badge nominations as sought by the administration was very minimal considering our strength of membership base. Instead what I suggest that let the authors who intend to have a particular badge may make an appeal to this forum and let the members respond with their approval or rejection. That way we may exactly know which member wants what batch and weather won it or not. That would be true democratic process to award a badge. Hope other members would also agree with my suggestion and append their views here.
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    Why an appeal for the badge? Your thread is not clear. Confusing. Make it more clear.

    I want a creative badge. Anyone to recommend and support ?

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    I think it would be below the dignity of Members to canvass for badges. It may also create some unwarranted problems like formation of groups/sub-groups, etc. If any Member wants to vote any other Member for any badge, he/she must do it on his/her own, without waiting for canvassing, etc.
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    Nothing wrong to make a appeal on the lines of participants seeking votes in reality shows.
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    I think the badge is a recognition of the merit of the member and appreciation for long-standing contributions on the site. So it is not good to contest and conduct elections. If somebody really deserves if there are nor nominations also the site administrators may consider for awarding badge to the member. The list announced last week is decided by the site administrators only I think. So It is not advisable to follow this procedure. If we deserve somebody may suggest our name for that.
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    The value of the badge would be lost sir. I neither concur with this idea or the old idea or badge nomination. It is my personal view that one need not have to be nominated or self-proclaim that he or she is good to get a badge. It should be done by the admin team who knows the strengths and weakness of the regular or active members, they are more than capable of deciding the deserving members. Nominating someone can be biased or me putting forth my name can be mistaken as blowing my own trumpet and it is again open to bias and personal gain.

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    We had a discussion on this & do not support the suggestion made. It does not matter if the response was minimal. As mentioned earlier, badges can be given to a member by the special panel from the editorial team to deserving members.
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