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    Do you know these important deadlines?

    The Government has made linking of AADHAR with various accounts, insurance policies, etc. mandatory. For this purpose, the Government has fixed various deadlines. I am mentioning these deadlines for the convenience of the Members of ISC. These deadlines are as follows:-

    (a) AADHAR and Bank Account linking deadline is 31st March, 2018. Earlier this deadline was 31st December, 2017.

    (b) The AADHAR and PAN card linking deadline has been extended to 31st March, 2018 by the Central Board of Direct Taxes.

    (c) The AADHAR and Mobile linking deadline has been fixed to 6th February, 2018. This is as per the direction of Department of ?Telecommunication.

    (d) The AADHAR and mutual fund scheme linking deadline is going to be over today, i.e., 31st December, 2017.

    So, Members must complete the linking of AADHAR with various other instruments as early as possible, to avoid any future complication.
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    You are too good to update members on various issues relating to the public. I have complied with (a) (b) (c). I have no mutual fund to comply with. Very Many Thanks for your reminder post.

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    Glad to see a very relevant post with important deadlines. I'm yet to link the phone, rest is all done. I visited a small shop near our neighbourhood that has been there for a year for regular recharge, I was told that it can be done for a nominal fee of Rs 20 from the shop itself as he has an app linked to the service provider and he was licensed to do it. Came back because I was not sure to trust him or not.

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    Thank you for giving important dates for linking Aadhar with various other items. I have already completed linking Aadhar with Bank Account, PAN card, and Mutual fund account. I don't have any mobile in my name. One number is in my son's name. The second number is the number given by y company. So whatever work is to be carried that has been carried out by me. It is better we complete the task s within the deadlines given by the authorities and avoid problems in this aspect. The author has posted a useful information to all the members.
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    The author has been consistent enough to append some good threads for the benefit of members and this one is also in that series. Yes the mentions were noted and necessary actions were taken.
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    Thanks a lot, Partha sir for this information. I have not yet linked my mobile number with Aadhar. I am yet to do so. Happy to hear that the date has been extended until February. And the other point of linking Aadhar to my mutual fund, I will check it.
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    Ms. Srivastava: For linking mutual fund with AADHAR, today is the last date. Kindly go the website of CAMS or Kurvy (as applicable in your mutual fund) immediately and link your AADHAR No. with your mutual fund folios with the help of OTP sent to your registered mobile number. It takes less than 5 minutes. Do it now.
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    @ Pooja. For linking mutual funds, if the mobile number has changed and you haven't updated, then you cannot do it online (I had this issue). But you can download the aadhaar link form, enter the details, sign it, scan and send it ( before midnight and later post the scanned form and a self-attested copy of your aadhaar card to the aadhaar, chennai office as listed on the website/ personally submit to the nearest cams center.

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    Thanks, Partha sir, I did it, and as you said, it was done in less than 5 minutes through Karvy site.

    @Natarajan: My mobile number was same, so I did not face any problem in the authentication process. Thank you for the information. But it worked for me.

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    Its a valuable information to read and note .As many times dates and deadlines for government schemes and new rules and regulations are bit confusing and causes delay on the part of citizen and hence results in loss for citizens.
    Since these are already extended dates and needs to be noted down if someone hasn't still linked aadhar card with various other cards.

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    Very important information and I thank the author for providing it here.

    In some cases the registered mobile information is not available with Karvy or CAMS and it is not possible to do the linking of MF to Aadhaar.

    Anyway in such cases it is to be sent by post.

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    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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