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    Getting Ready to enter into another year

    Today is the last day of 2017. That implies we are just finishing one more year on this earth. Depending on our age if we look back we can see very different pictures for every year we covered. I am now about to complete long 73 years. I understood from my parents that I was born in a big house situated near a river. That child grew up in another village. Two Brothers and a Sister were there to play with me. After completing the school education we got separated temporarily. But after getting employment and settling with individual families separation was complete. Occasionally only we met. The families of each of us grew and the get together became very rare. This each unit became independent families and the history started to repeat in each case.
    This Is the history of each one of us. A change in the year definitely accompany a change in the family set up. Let us try to retain the family relations at least.
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    All of us as humans have a history in our past and have a potential legacy in our future. As the author has rightly said, history repeats itself, so we have a golden chance to undo the wrongs, shortcomings, mistakes, realise our unfulfilled desires and dreams of the past. The circle of life repeats in each family and if we look back, I think we can look at it as multiple circles of lives linked to one common bond, that is family. We are morally duty bound to give the best to our families and children, perhaps better than what we received. So, what we have done or rather not done this year for our families, let's do it in the new year. It may be a simple hug and kiss or a gift or a family trip along to renew our bonding.

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    One more year will pass in another few hours. One more year in our life is over. We have experienced one more year. Let us utilise the experience gained in this year to have a better life in the coming year. A day gone is gone. We can't catch it again. But what we want to do and couldn't complete can be done now. If we have committed any mistake we can correct ourselves and should not do the same mistake again. This is how we will be getting educated and learning from our mistakes. Let us see that the old relationships continue and get strengthed during the new year. Let us be friendly and helpful to others to our maximum possible and have more friends who will come to our rescue at the hour of need. Let our family bonds become stronger and inseparable this year.
    always confident

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    Some one said that we should not give much importance to English calendar new year. We have our own regional new years as per the states and that should be followed and celebrated. Like for Tamilians it is April 14th, For Telugus and Marathas it is Ugadi and Gudipadwa and so on.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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