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    It is exasperating!

    We have such a lovely forum. Unlike other forums which I have come across, over here the Webmasters have comparatively given us a lot of leeway to express our opinions freely. So some interesting topics come up for discussion which we would not get to discuss at other fora. Yet, what happens? The main topic goes off-track completely and it gets reduced to two people bickering. It is exasperating!

    I humbly request you: Do try to stay on track, talk only about the topic and not comment on the member who made a personal remark. You can surely either send a polite message to the member and sort it out privately or send a message to a forum editor, objecting to it. I know what you will say - what if the editor takes the thread off-track? If you have a genuine major grievance, then you could use the 'contact us' link which is provided at the bottom of the page to get in touch with the Webmasters & let them know the issue.

    Let's at least try to make this change, to keep forum discussions on track.
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    Yes, It is necessary to stay on topic. Because it is read on Google by many viewers sooner or later. We will try to follow your point.

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    It is a good advice. The discussion should be on the topic. The remarks that are being made should not be on the member it should be on the content and the topic. The suggestion given by the Managing Editor in this thread can be followed, I think all the members will be on track and not off the track.
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    That's what the forum should be. We cannot take the thread off and put it on a wrong track. If needed, we may add little Mirchi Masala to the topic to make it interesting to the readers without going away from the intended topic. I think, our intelligent and matured ISCian will follow your guidelines of 31 December 2017, and implement it from 01 January 2018 forever.

    Madam, I assure you, I will not take the thread off the track. I will always endevour to have the thread interesting to the readers.

    EXASPERATE - (Greatly irritate someone) A new word added to my vocabulary on the last day of the year. VMT

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    Good post from the ME which is the need of the hour. Editors have been doing their duties by deleting unwanted messages in forum thread or responses yet some mentions would creep up to create attention and that should be totally avoided.
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    Exasperating…I think, this is a new word introduced in this forum!
    Yes, the derailing the thread is really exasperating.
    Some threads, it seems, deliberately scuttled, made off track by personal remarks. I also, request the members to use 'contact link' for grivances.Let the interested members participate in the discussion.
    In the coming year, let us make this forum feel like '' time flies when you are enjoying yourself''.
    Happy 2018, all of you!

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    Forum section is full of opportunities and people having new ideas can submit as many threads as they like limited by the present regulations ( I think it is 2 per day which means 60 per month).
    So there is no need of off tracking a thread or diverting a thread to unknown destinations.
    Sticking to the theme of a thread will bring healthy discussions and help in inculcating atmosphere of mutual respect.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Agreed! As we know that forum is a soul of ISC. Yes, sometimes we carried away with our emotions but it is not only the members but it is done by editors too. It is indeed exasperating when we see that few editors lose their control and try to force their own opinion. Not only that it breaks the boundaries when they try to tag someone or try to justify members with their own personal liking. It is absolutely should be stopped. I am not saying that the few members don't cross the boundaries but again what for we have the editors? They already punish members with deleting their post with providing minus points their is no need from the editor to show extra power.

    Also I would like to mention here that some members feel pleasing to post thread targeting some particular member that too should be look into because it is obvious that the such thread will come out with personal remarks.

    If we really want to start new year in great way we all have to look out each other without complaining.

    Let's start new year with Happy note!

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    Glad the ME has posted this after recent events in the forum. Hijacking the thread and getting personal mars the generally meaningful forum thread. Any member may reply and most replies are in agreement or against to concept mentioned in good spirit and of relevance. Some members may see the thread as a means to personally experience or target individuals. If it is against the policies of the forum then it should be acted upon I may have many whims and fancies, if it is against the rules, then I should be reminded by agreeable means of deletion or locking the thread. This would upset me, but it would be in the larger interest of the website and the visitors.

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    The issue raised in the thread is very relevant. Whenever I tried to raise any thread, I saw some members attacked by saying that the thread was out of Modi-hatred. I always do research before writing any thread. I try to give correct information based on credible sources. The specific members only try to gag by personal attack. I always tried to avoid indulging in arguments with these members as arguing with such dogmatic people is waste of time and energy.

    I am very happy that you raised this issue. I hope the forum discussion will be in a healthy atmosphere in the coming year. Happy new year to all.

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