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    How Much can one earn from ISC?

    Hello All,

    I am Kamlesh and have just joined Indiastudychannel. I just want to know that if someone works delicately on ISC, writing articles then how much can he earn? I want to know the earning potential of a person working full time writing articles on ISC.


    Kamlesh Motwani
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    Welcome to ISC, Mr. Motwani. I would advise you to go through various sections and sub-sections of ISC at the first instance. You also have to make yourself familiar with the posting guidelines. Thereafter you start contributing regularly in those sections/sub-sections which are your strength areas.

    Your income would depend upon your level and quality of contribution.

    So, the motto should be: ''First learn, and then earn.''

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    Welcome to this educational site and we are happy to have you here. Here on this site, there are two benefits. The first and the important benefit is learning. You can learn very good knowledge by spending some time on this site. There are good articles to read on a variety of subjects which will enrich you with the most desirable knowledge on the various subjects. The second benefit is earning. While learning you can earn some money also. The amount purely depends on the individual's contributions on the site. Once you are regular in your postings in various sections of this site your earnings will increase and they will be in proportion to your work. Don't think of earnings at this stage itself. First get conservant with the site. Please know all the dos and dont's on the site and then become a regular visitor to the site. First, start learning afterwards you can think about the earnings.
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    Motwani, it is general question that every new comer into ISC asks to know the opinions of ISCians. I can simplify your question in only two answers.

    1) Cash credits: For every activity you done in ISC is paid in cash if only if your work is genuine and not copied and useful for the reader.

    2)AdSense revenue sharing: ISC gives 90% AdSense revenue from every activity done here if and only approved AdSense account associate with ISC. For that some conditions to be followed in ISC. You have to just refer some other posts in ISC to know how to earn money from ISC.
    Earning potentiality in ISC depends upon your time spending in it and genuine writing.

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    Warm welcome to this site. Please do not be under the wrong impression that you can earn windfall from this site. But surely and definitely a decent income can be earned provided you have the zeal and enthusiasm to append contents for this site on your own words. How much one can earn cannot be gauged. If you are well of in creating big and useful articles, then 100 rupees per article could be earned. If 10 articles are written and published , you can easily earn 1000 rupees per week and 5000 per month. And once you get the Google adsense account approved, then the earnings from ads would be separate. Apart from that this sites selects top 20 members every month on the basis of their over all performance and thus distributes revenue share bonus prorata according to their contributions.
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    Thanks for joining and welcome Kamlesh Motwani, sounds like you have a good potential for writing articles and expect to earn from it. The degree of earnings is not great as this is not a commercial but an educative, interactive site. Request you to drop into the forum to get the feel of the ISC as it is very active. Later please check the existing articles and the help guidelines for the article section, that you give you an idea of the quality that exists in ISC. Ask the experts section is one more avenue to earn small amounts, depending on your strengths you are welcome to answer the expert questions, these are strictly assessed and copied content or duplicate content in multiple sites is not accepted.

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    Well in addition of above comments. I can assure you that you can earn part time income by cash credits and Adsense as well.
    For adsense: If you are lucky and know how to rank articles on google. You can earn lot of money. Suppose you rank article on Google for 50,000 people searching monthly. You can easily earn 100s of dollars per month. It also depends on whether article is targeting India or Global audience. USA targeted article may be very good amount.

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