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    Forum section is the "jewel" in the crown of ISC. Do you agree with me ?

    India Study Channel has been visited by the members and other citizens on daily basis for varied information and I feel that apart from jobs . ask experts and resources section , this forum section has become most attractive and attention seeking place in this site. New members are floored and induced by the contents appearing in this section and they are instantly attracted to join and be with this as the regular contributors to respond and cherish with their regular ingredients on varied matters. Therefore I declare this section as the jewel in crown of ISC. Do you agree with me ?

    This is my entry to tow.
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    Yes, it is true. There are many jewels in the crown of India study channel. Among those jewels, forum section is the biggest and costliest and prestigious jewel in those jewels. This is what I should feel regarding this site. Each section is a jewel in itself and the worthiest is the forum section. The forum section is the one which attracts all the members as soon as they enter into this site. A very senior member or a junior member or a fresh member he can't overlook this section and get into another section without completely going through all the contents if this section. I hope Mohan's this year's contribution will bring him an award in the next year. A good thought by the author and very nicely presented his thoughts very briefly and nicely. I wish him all good luck in the new year.
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    It is a fact that most of the members are taking part in the forum section. In fact I always thought how many of the total members of ISC are participating in the forum section. The number of active participants is limited, that is what I feel. Almost familiar names alone are seen here. Actually how many ISCIans are there? Many might have discontinued. Still will it be possible to find out the present membership? Forum is definitely the live section of India Study Channel.

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    Agree with you Mohan sir, Forum section is the most active section of ISC. It can be called as a jewel of ISC. People here post their views and opinions on various subjects. Those could be precise or might be an elaborated one. But its a great form of learning when one has to do to start with the forum section.
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    Forum is certainly popular in ISC with many regular members posting and replying threads on a daily basis. This attracts many as it's easy, informal and we just have to express our thoughts in an acceptable framework. IF someone has a spare time of 10 minutes, he or she can post a thread or reply to a thread and share knowledge. To call it the true jewel of ISC, we need to know the traffic generated by forum and the other sections. Given the easy of access and introduction, almost all new members start from the forum and then familiarize themselves with the other subsections before moving on to their favorite hangouts. The one point to note is that the forum has regular players on a daily basis, we need to see new faces on a regular basis also, so that different views, fresh ideas and thoughts can be expressed and shared.

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    Yes, I completely agree with you Mohan sir that forum section is the jewel of the ISC and also convenient to write our heart out about any issue whenever one has time without any necessary condtions or restrictions.
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    Yes I do agree that the forum section is the jewel in the crown of ISC. You uses the theme significantly related to ISC. Also when you mentioned this section as a jewel in crown, you also implicitly mentioned that all other sections are also worthy but the forum section topped all of them.
    Well described the truth with facts that the new visitors of the site too get involve with this forum section. I agree to it completely. Because, I understood this page only NY reading many forum posts and raising queries in forum only.
    It is cent percent agreeable when you relate this forum section to something precious.

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    A very natural expression from a confirmed forum loyalist. It could not be otherwise.

    I also spend much of my time in ISC in the forum section. It is a place of assorted inputs and we get more insights on things which we had no knowledge or refresh those which we would have started forgetting.

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