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    The Father of Indian Space program

    Indian space research organisation very commonly known as ISRO is initially established under the able guidance of Sri Vikram Sarabhai and he is the founder of this prestigious research centre of India. This research centre was established by him in the year1969.He spearheaded the launch of Aryabhata, It is launched under his guidance and it is the first satellite completely indigenous in all respects.Dr. Sarbhai had taken the initiative and negotiated with NASA in 1966 and was able to bring Satellite Instructional Television Experiment(SITE) and launched in 1975 in our country which facilitated cable connections all over India including rural areas also.DR. Sarabhai has conferred the prestigious Padma Vibhushan award for his contributions to space technology in India. He passed away on 30th Dec 1971. Yesterday was his death anniversary. Let us all pay our respects to this great scientist who made India a proud and strong Nation in space technology.
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    India has been surging ahead in space programs and has become envied country for many. On this occasion we are duty bound to remember those who have done their immense contributions to space development and Vikram Sarabhai is pioneer among them.
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    Every Indian is proud of our country being listed in the Big Six space programs of the world (along with China, Europe, Japan, America and Russia). This is directly related to the initial hardwork and vision of great legends like Dr.Vikram Sarabhai. He was also instrumental in developing the Indian Institute of Management. Ahmedabad. One of the other proud moments of ISRO was in Feb 2017, when it launched PSLV-37 with 104 satellites from 7 countries successfully.

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    Vikram Sarabhai was one of my icons. My childhood dreams was either to became a space scientist or nuclear scientist. The space research centre,in Trivandrum is known as Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre.
    The life story of personalities like Vikram Sarabhai tells us how they toiled with focused devotion to make and take this country gain and achieve in scientific and space technology field. There were only very elementary and rudimentary facilities for them and most of it also they had to improvise.
    Sarabhai is a light that got extinguished too soon . But his spirit and memory stands as a guiding star in the Horizon.

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    India is doing good in the area of satellites and space science and it is the people like Vikram Sarabhai who have through their determination and hard work made this feat possible.

    We are proud of such Indian scientists and I pay my respect and salute to late Sarabhai.

    Knowledge is power.

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