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    Request for starting threads similar to other but different themes

    Matter is different but theme is same. Some my forum threads before are locked from the responses of ISCians. Today, I have started a thread related to coming new year with different stuff of matter. I think that the responses would be given by ISCians might be different. Why did editor lock such threads to discuss some more about the plannings in new year. Members will express different opinions other than that of similar threads. So, please permit such type of threads.
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    It is the practice of ISC not to allow more threads on the same subject. Today there are two or three threads almost all are about the events, memories and other issues related to the year that is going to be completed in another few hours and about another year which is going to be started in another few hours. Whatever ideas you have on the same subject you can post a response in the thread and it will be visible to all. If anybody wants to respond specifically to your response they will respond to that thread response itself. So it is to be followed by all members and there is a point in that also. Why so many new threads on the same theme when there is a thread already in which you can respond. I think I am clear in bringing out the reason for locking some threads today in this forum sections.
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    On the year's eve, there would be many threads, I also posted one that is locked. Sometimes these happen and it is difficult for editors to keep the thread open. It is NOT the quality of the thread or the author that forces this. It is more related to the general messages posted by the members who sometimes post replies in a hurry without understanding the true meaning of the thread. My locked thread has a little history about the eve day celebrations and the English world calendar that we currently follow, I'm not unhappy about it as I know the meaning of it.
    'On the Eve of' the coming new year.

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