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    Etiquettes are the jewels of an individual

    Good manners or etiquettes are the jewels of every human being. They decorate our life with humanity and goodness.
    We are born, we are made to learn certain good habits and follow some proper manners to become a good human being in nature. To respect every individual we meet. To have a nice way of talking with all around us. Etiquettes play a very important role in every human being. They not only help us to imbibe good thoughts or habits but also provides us values. Elders will always praise such people who have a good and polite way of talking, who respect them.
    Manners increase our values. For ex. offering your seat in bus or train to an old person or needy is a sign of good etiquettes. Parents play a very important role in imparting good manners to their children. Some of them we also acquire by ourselves, as we say some habits come from within. So, always try to be good and helpful to the people you meet, this shows your etiquettes.

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    A very good thread by the author. Good manners are very important for a human being in life to have good friends and good people around. The etiquettes are really jewels or ornaments to a person. These manners will increase your value in the minds of other fellow human beings. The author has brought in the importance of the people having these good manners. A nice post.
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    Nice post connecting to the tow topic. The very character of a person is judged by the etiquette, attitude and finally the behaviour and thus those who posses these three features are the jewel in the crowd. In this regard I wish to share a joke that happened in reality. Normally while deciding the groom, the bride people would inquire about his character and his attitude with relatives and close associates. In one such incident, the bride people went to the close friend of the groom and sought his information and for that he said one sentence that closed the deal against. That the boy is very good but he wont listen to others nor have the capacity to understand by himself.
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    A beautiful thread. Yes, etiquettes tell us about a person, his/her upbringing, his/her education and his/her mindset. So, we can say that etiquettes are the jewels of an individual. We have to learn and follow the etiquettes in all our social dealings.
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    Totally agree with you Pooja that Etiquettes are indeed very precious jewel that adorns our character and defines us as a person.

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    Good manners and etiquette make a person loved and regarded by others. It makes them feel comfortable with him.
    As proper etiquette and good manners are valuable assets to a person, and make a person more attractive than his other qualities, we can concur that etiquettes are jewels of a person.

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    Good manners are not easy to be groomed and cultivated overnight but it is certainly an inexpensive jewel that all of us can have. Our manners reflect our true self and the way in which our parents have brought us up. Many times, elders would tell teenagers, even if you don't earn much, it is important that your behaviour does not spoil the name of the parents or family.
    Good manners need to be instilled at a young age so that it remains ingrained in the young minds and developed further. Some people mistake a person with manners to be a meek person and start taking advantage, this has to be curtailed in the begining itself by a clear message that yes, I am good mannered but don't take me for granted.

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