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    Movie reviews as articles in Resource Section.

    I was just going through the article section today. I found a review of a recent Tamil movie as an article. Similarly last week I have seen a review of a Telugu movie also. Like this occasionally we will be having some movie review as an article. The reviews of movies will be coming on many channels and sites and the persons who are interested in that movie may go through the review. Almost all daily newspapers and cine magazines will be giving reviews. Is it good that to avoid such reviews in our articles section as ours is basically an education site and mainly working in the field of Education and learning? I am not of the opinion that the reviews are not good. But only doubt I am expressing is this site a place for such reviews. The more knowledgeable members and Editors can think on this point.
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    A good point to discuss. Should be fine as I've seen articles on train tickets and exam announcements, these are also available in newspapers and the internet. Similarly, I saw an article of the good movies of Bollywood too. If the site allows it then it should be fine. Obviously, the author should choose movies, not take on a movie with vulgarity, religious fanaticism, and stir controversy. For instance, if someone is reviewing Padmavati, the author and the article editors should exercise more caution in accepting the review. If the movies have a good moral message, good family values, and inspirational stories then they would have a positive impact. If the traffic improves because of these articles then it is good for the ISC. If it invites criticism and adverse publicity, then the editors can put this project on hold.

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