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    Was this behaviour expected?

    Since independence, India always supported Palestine in all international fora. Due to Nehru's foreign policy, India blindly supported Palestine against Israel. Even when the Palestinian terrorists killed Israeli athletes before the commencement of Munich Olympics in 1972, India didn't officially condemn Palestine for this incident. India and Israel didn't have diplomatic relations for a very long time. Even during the last week, India voted against the USA and Israel on the issue of Jerusalem.

    On the other hand, Israel never acted against India. Even before establishing full-fledged diplomatic relationship with India, Israel helped India in different manners. During Kargil conflict, India was benefitted from Israel. After establishing diplomatic relationship, Israel has been proving technology in different sectors to India.

    But what is the return from Palestine? Last week, Palestinian ambassador in Pakistan was with Hafiz Sayid, the 26/11 culprit, in the same podium. These two were seen intimately talking to each other. Although Palestine has withdrawn its diplomat from Pakistan after India lodged strong protest, this event has proved the mindset of Palestinians towards India. It was also witnessed in the past that during Indo-Pak wars, Palestine never supported India.

    Time has come to review India's relation with Palestine. We have to come out of Nehruvian legacy of supporting Palestine. Let us build strong and enduring relationship with Israel in the New Year.
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    I feel it is correct to have a full-fledged positive relationship with Israel. We have been receiving very good support as required from time to time from the country and Palestine is trying to go away from our country and the incident explained by the author that had happened last week in Pakistan is a clear indication of its pro-Pakistan stance. As such, there is no point for India to be with Palestine. Israel is having a very developed strength in the defence field and technically they are way ahead of India. So to have good ties with them may be a better option. The governemnt will have a correct thinking on this issue and try to develop good relation with Israel, I hope.
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    In this regard I wish to share the observation made by " AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi who has urged the Indian government to recognise Jerusalem as the Palestinian capital to counter US President Donald Trump's move in recognising the holy city as Israel's capital." If this would happen then PM Modi would be branded as anti US and that result cannot be valued now. Time and again US President Donald Trump has gone on record that India is the most trusted friend of US and that should continue during his tenure in Presidency. So we cannot presume any action as of now.
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    Now BJP is in power. So, if you want to change Mr Nehru policy you can do that. You are in power and You have power to do that. But India is opted for its old stance. Maybe this policy is benefit of our nation.

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    As far as I understand, party politics is not being discussed in this thread. I talked about changing the foreign policy of the country re-considering our friends and enemies.
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    The matter is quite clear now. Palestine is getting on nerves of Israel, U.S. and India.
    What could be a better oppertunity than this?
    Israel, the Eden of Jews. But Palestinians never let these Israelis be free.
    US and Israel have better foreign relations so while we are in care of US now, we might as well break this relationship with Palestinians.

    You see, Israel's arsenal is very very impressive. It's technology and weapons are of higher grade than U.S. itself. But Palestine on other hand is in other chaos. It is crystal clear that Palestine could never help us.
    Siding with Israel, we can keep terror at Tel-Aviv in check.

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    We have very good relations with Arab World. Remittances from Arab countries influence our economy. Sacrificing this relationship for military hardware from Israel is foolish. We should have good relations with Palestine as well as Israel.
    I have a Palestinian friend named Gandhi. When I enquired about his name, he was saying his father was a fan of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation India!! I wondered how Mahatma Gandhi influenced the people across the globe!
    Regarding Israel and its people, they are capable of influencing everywhere in the world affairs. We know the history and how they tried to influence Indo-Pak war.
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    Israel would be a force to reckon in terms of its military hardware, anti-terror squads etc but at the heart of the matter would be it's 'Eye for Eye' policy and taking for granted deaths of women and children in the process which is difficult to accept in a civilized world. Was our foreign policy towards Palestine and Israel based on our own experiences of the freedom struggle from the British? Did Pandit Nehru and others see a similar leader in Yasser Arafat? Times have changed and I think, we cannot develop good relationships with Israel at the same time when we are being friendly with Palestine. We need to think what would be the relationship between us and the other two based on. Would it be history and outdated ideology or would be it based on realistic present-day benefits we can get and depend on? How would the other nations view us if we have unilateral support to Israel?

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    I always repeat that in present day relationships especially relationship between nations the basic ruling principle is 'enemy of my enemy is my friend'. The groups and alliances are formed only on that basis. That is why China stands with Pakistan. That was why US was supporting Pakistan because USSR was supporting India. It is this my enemy and my enemy's enemy that influenced all types of relations and disturbances all over the globe.

    India had to take a stand because of its own belly-pain. With an uncomfortable stomach who can perform well? Now slowly India is finding methods to comfort or control its inner belly-ache. It understands that home made medicine is not enough to cure and control its chronic inner stomach ache. It has started finding some good doctors who could cure their own belly aches effectively. So India also now tries to get help from them.

    Every country is purely selfish to its own interests. India has to learn that. The present government has come to understand this and slowly adopting that track. The days of 'principles' and 'Sheels ' are over as they served only to make us victims caught under betrayal. Now foreign relation is decided by market and investment rather than historical friendship. When every one follows that India too has to do so. It gives relief to know that we have started learning that.

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    Israel has come up as a powerful country in that region and it is the hard work of the people of that country that today they are doing very good in the field of technology, military development, irrigation etc.

    India should increase its tie-ups with that country and definitely we will be benefitted by that.

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    Well we all know how powerful is Israel at this time and what they can do with anyone. Mentality of current world is different as compared to 1947 world. In 1947 world was came out of world war 2 and India got independence after world war 2. India has great history. By not voted for Jerusalem, India has made its decision that we are still with Palestine people. Actually we really don't understand foreign policy in and outs. Millions of Indian workers are working in middle east. So, As if Its not Nehruvian policy but its Modis Policy. Decision has been taken to be on safe side.

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    I reiterate that the purpose of this thread to discuss re-alignment of India's foreign policy considering Palestine's attitude towards India during Indo-Pak wars and current event mentioned in the thread. Shouldn't we start building a strong and enduring friendship ties with Israel, which never betrayed India, despite having no/minimum diplomatic relationship with India?
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