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    Being workaholic, is it really good ?

    What do you think of people who are obsessed about work? Get into this discussion about workaholics.

    Some people are so much into work, that they are really just involved in work even on weekends or on a holiday, busy even at home. Workaholic means someone who works out of compulsion for long. Is it really that much necessary for people to work too much? Forgetting all fun and joy in life.

    I have a friend of mine, he is still working on some project even today on the day of celebration. In spite of enjoying the day, he was too busy with work and even told that he will not wish new year because he will be tired by then.

    I think it is good to work, but too much is a burden and will not be a fruitful work. Unnecessarily being involved in work too much, also creates drowsiness. Rest is also important in life. Some happy and fun time with friends is also important.

    If one is ambitious, then it is good to spend a heavy amount of time and effort to do in order to achieve a very good name and fame. But that too should be as many efforts we are able to put in into that work.

    I don't consider it a good thing being workaholic. What are your opinions on this?
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    Being workaholic is ok up to some extent. Instead of wasting time in unproductive activities it is good to be work oriented and concentrating on the work is very good. But we should not forget other aspects of the life. to name a few family, enjoyment and happiness. All aspects of the life should be balanced properly. Then only we can say we have enjoyed our life. Every person has to perform his duties properly and get the good performer tag in all the aspects of the life. I am also a very hard worker in my job and I achieved a very nice position in my Organisation. But at the same time, I have taken my family, children and parents. So I always feel happy for that.
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    Many are workaholic not by choice, more by circumstances. We all have our commitments, deadlines and the bills to be paid at the end of the month. We need to have some money for savings and for emergencies. To be able to meet all these, the average couples have to work hard, often both of them. Some houses run by a single earning member that makes it even more difficult, hence being a workaholic. After a few years with a good initial take off, maybe people can slow down a bit. Having the ambition to give the best for the family and children is a healthy trait and for this, we need to be a workaholic to a certain degree. If an individual's work pattern disturbs the family harmony and his/her health, then they need to sit back and re-assess to have realistic expectations. Some become spendthrifts planning on money that is in hand and find that they have to work hard to meet their spending habits and larger than life demands.

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    Some people have the habit of working regularly and sincerely and thereby wont keep any work pending and in fact be ahead of others in performance. That does not mean the person is workaholic but he is work sincere.
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    I have seen some person like this but the pity in this is they are expecting from others also to be a workaholic similar to them. Such persons should not have any family or family persons commitments, otherwise, the chaos will be there. One officer in my brother's office who is a workaholic does not leave the subordinates easily even the office hour is over.

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    There is a small but crucial misunderstanding you have about workaholics. Holic means love or fixation. Workaholics love to work. They don't need any compulsion. A very very rare trait seen in usually sluggish humans.
    Your friend isn't a workaholic so don't worry. He's just doing what his job demands.

    Now; is being a workaholic good? To some extent,workaholics are healthier than normal people. But they are usually plagued with OCD because of their obsession with perfection.
    But industries are in search of workaholics and a country is hugely benefited by these kinds.
    So being a workaholic profits your country more than you.

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    Workahoilc means that one is working as a compulsion, either it is by circumstance or as a choice. Some people enjoy work those are also a part of workaholics because they take it as a part of their career making.
    While working when it is really not needed, is not a good thing. Some people do work to come out of some emotional issues, and they become workaholic.
    I feel it causes inefficiency in work, if one continues to work like this. In order to maintain that efficiency, one should have good and relaxing breaks.
    @Ramachandran sir: There should not be an imposition of work on the other, as everyone knows their work limits and its needs. Rightly said by you.
    @Aditya: It is how the definition of being a workaholic matters to all. I cannot consider that workaholics could ever be healthier than normal people.

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