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  • Category: New Year Resolutions

    That is how 2017 has been.

    2017. This bittersweet year.
    Should I forget it or remember?
    Exploring bounds of my creativity
    I thought I actually found me
    I thought I was trudging on a stair
    But I end up falling in further despair
    Receiving unsuspecting rewards
    But not getting what I asked for
    I am confused how this year was?

    What did I miss when world was beneath my feet?
    Why do I let my same misfortunes repeat?
    I was beaming with life and energy at the first.
    Now I'm restored back to my nihilistic self.
    I fear not your threats or anticipate your offers 2017
    The new year is here and ends your cruel regime.

    I had countless fond memories to cherish
    But as the end closes in they all perish
    Should I gladly preserve them in my gallery?
    Or in some dark part of my heart should I bury?
    That was the year 2017.
    That's how it has been.

    A pocket full of sweet stories
    Or your mental torturous glories?
    Which one suits you better 2017?
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    Ending the year with nostalgic note and with a poetic expression was soothing to read and get refreshed. Surely those who have missed some good opportunities last year are going to benefit this year.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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