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    Is Eighteen actually a teen or adult

    New year '18 has just dawned. For many matters 18 is considered as adult age. In India adult franchise right comes when one is eighteen. For many things one can legally exercise his /her independent rights one the person has reached the age of eighteen.

    In this century, now we are stepping into the 18 th year. 2018. So this year should start as an adult age in this century.

    So from just a teen 18 is actually 'ay tee' or adulteen. Can we hope that in 2018 the world and its people will show adult qualities? Will we be ushering into a mature and responsible world? Let us hope so and wish so.

    Happy eighteen, happy 2018.
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    Venkiteswaran sir, you just made it. Posting your very first thread at exact 00:00 AM. Very nice. The discussions were on for this on the other thread.
    Right, we have stepped into the eighteen now. Surely, many changes will be done, based on developments in the country. Progress will be made. Some new decisions will be taken. Let's wish this new year starts with a happy smile on everyone's face. Hope this new year will spread the rays of love among all.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    First of all my congrats to the author for posting this thread on the dot and thus winning the pride place of posting the first thread on the first day of happy new year. Coming to the point. Yes this year seems to be promising at it ends with 18 and the teen also gets their wisdom and become fully matured with their thoughts in this year. Even PM Modi while addressing his regular Mann Ki Baath program on AIR has called upon the youth to exercise their rights and assert their requirement through actively participating in the democratic process. He has insisted that youth must come forward to exercise their first vote in this age. That is interesting appeal from the PM on the eve of new year and this year seems to be the year of youth as they are making very strong pitch in every sphere and they are destined to win the situations hands down.
    K Mohan
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    Congratulations to the author for posting the first thread on this site in 2018. This century is in teens already and it is almost going to be out of teens in another two years. As all the youth who complete their 18 years are eligible for voting and this 18th year of the century we can say this is the year of youth. Our country is having a lot of hope on the youth who will be the tomorrow's leaders of the country. So they should become strong and develop patriotism and see that they progress along with the country. All the youth should take this resolution and strive towards achieving the goal. Be loyal to the country, strive for the Nation and see that we all will be the citizens of a strong Nation "INDIA".
    always confident

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