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    What if the earth was like a square box not a round ball?

    Show case your creative writing. What if the earth was like a square box and not a round ball?
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    If the earth was not round and appears like square, probably we might stuck with four seasons that appear every year. As the sides are not easy to be negotiated, there are every chance of force to be applied and thus more natural calamities might have occurred. And for the human behavior too. Instead of going around, we shall stick and stay put in one place without exploring the importance and beauty of other places and people. Sometimes with anger we come with outburst word that we will see the end of other person if he behaves strangely. And that end may not come as the earth is not round and it may not rotate as expected.
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    A square box in space with all the gravity acting? That is going to be very stressful. We will be spiralling until we're a spherelike object again. Day is rather small then. The land would be even though everywhere. Because crusts cannot move freely in a square, infact crusts don't move at all. So with no tectonic forces, a solid hard crush is formed.
    Due to some craters, water still is available on some squares faces. I'll assume that layers beneath the crust are also squares. So magma will never flow out and no volcanic eruptions.

    The end. Life will never exist without volcanic waste.

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    This is possibly about a situation which will never happen. A rolling stone takes only a round ball like shape. Hence this cannot be a square box. Of course one can create an imaginary shape for earth. In imagination one can create anything. In reality it will never happen.

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    Life is going a full cirlce of this thread Mr.SuN, man thought that the Earth was flat, then one man proved that the Earth is round and now we have to think that the earth is flat and part of a square. Certainly, the first thing is all will have vertigo or dizzy spells because of the erratic rotation of the square. The horizon would look difficult and certainly, our astronauts would have a tough time understanding the pictures.Just imagine people living at the corners of the squares and on either side were the surfaces meet. Their lives would be chaotic, maybe half the time they have to travel vertically up and then half the time travel horizontally. Air travel would be funny and would need the aerocopter (half aeroplane and half helicopter). There would be a realistic chance of falling off the face of Earth for some. I pity the birds as their inner compass and migratory routes would be so entangled that there would be a major chaos in the air with all types of birds flying but not knowing which direction and how far. No, Mr.SuN, please let us keep the Earth as it is.

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    Natarajan, I completely forgot about the atmosphere and navigational aspects. Thank you for assisting my imagination.
    But don't you think that birds would adapt to this new magnetic field.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Yes, Aditya, birds would adapt, but it may take a few generation of chicks getting hatched in new unfamiliar lands that are reasonably safe and a new batch of mother Sebrian cranes flying off with a new imprinted flight path to the Middle East or somewhere close by instead of India.

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    Had Earth been a square, it would have been easy to mark its edges. However it would have looked round from very distant space as everything reduces to a round spot when it is viewed from far and far away. Sunrise and Sunset would not have been so smooth. There could not have bees a curved horizon at all places. The Earth would have more directions than the four main directions of N_E_W_S.

    Probably the quarry lobby would have any way flattened and made round the sharp edges and Earth would have gradually became round anyway.

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    Very interesting and it will definitely a challenge for scientists to decipher what will happen if such a situation exists.

    From common sense, if a heavenly body like earth is box-shaped then it will have 6 planes at right angles to each other. The habitats of each plane will feel themselves residing in a big plate or bowl like landscape surrounded by a high rim in a distant place which may not be visible with naked eyes.

    The local perturbations of the earth crust within the big plate or bowl will give rise to the hills, valleys and rivers etc and will be unique to each of the 6 faces of the box.

    It is unlikely that the rivers and big lakes on one face will intermingle with that of another face.

    We can virtually conjecture about the 6 imaginary kingdoms on 6 faces having their own ecosystem and flora and fauna. Of course, depending upon the latitudes on a face the seasons will be decided.

    There are many such imaginations for the said supposition and the geography and geology which we study today will be greatly modified in that situation.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A square box also can have an axis in the centre to have it rotated from East to west. The axis can also be tilted to an angle of 23 degrees.

    Just give a second thought to your first thought. According to me, a square box will also rotate easily like a round ball.

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    Yes. A square box can also rotate like a round box. But the rolling will not be symmetric as a round ball. Hence Sunset and sunrise will not be very smooth like now. The day times and night times will be varying much from place to place.
    It is an imagination only. There is no chance for this as we are not the creators and we can't change the shape of the earth as we like. I don't know really what might have happened if the shape of the earth was different from what it is now.

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