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    Google a giggle

    Google the word giggle and what do you find?
    4,86,00,000 results (as of today) of a phenomenal kind!
    The first is its dictionary meaning, the last, who knows,
    And in-between are songs & poems, games & puppets, even names of shops, schools and concert shows...

    A giggle in literal terms is considered to be a silly laugh; but who cares!
    If you can chuckle & chortle, then why not giggle without any airs;
    After all, it is huge fun when you share something funny
    And set off uproarious laughter all around for which you don't need pocket money.

    Did you enjoy a giggle today?
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    Madam,does giggle means fun and happiness? How google gives giggle to us. Just it is a search engine. Whatever we posted in google search we can find search results. That's all. Madam, please elaborate some more about giggle in simplified English. Some of your words are not familiar with me. Easy English could be reached to graded students like me.

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    Yes, of course, Google is a search engine. You do not need to take this thread literally! Focus on the giggle. When something funny happens or somebody tells us something funny, we may not just smile, but giggle. The giggle is often very infectious, too, just like a full laugh, so in that sense, it spreads happiness. Sometimes, though, giggles may burst out in a hysterical way which may cause people to look at you strangely!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Madam, simply giggle means laughing. O.k.Madam. I listen this word firstly from you. Thank you for introducing new word that is not familiar with me. If giggle means laughing with breaking stomachs, I faced such situations while watching movies in which Brahmanandam, comedian actor in Telugu movies acted. In one of his film, he acts as daily worker under a misery person. In that movie, the gestures of Brahmanandam seems to be giggle very much to every person who understand that movie. The movie is "Aha na Pellanta". Madam, if you interested just watch some moments in that movie acted by Brahmanandam.

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    We giggle when we are amused. It can be a funny story, an event ,a movie, a casual conversation with friends , anything which we enjoy.sometimes we also giggle when we feel embarrassed and try to get out of it.
    Giggles were generally associated with girls, because girls giggle more than the boys. Giggles are also associated with conversations meant to be kept secretive .
    The word giggle can be associated in varied contexts. Giggles indeed bring happiness and changes our moods, creating a positive atmosphere.
    So rejoice and giggle.

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    It's true, and google came back in 0.52 seconds with 4.86 L searches. That's amazing, many are kid's clothing shops too. I think babies are the cutest when they giggle, it is very catchy and soon everyone starts to smile a few giggle. As a family, we do giggle a lot when we watch old pictures and videos of our children when they were very young or even our wedding album pictures. You should give it a try. Boys slowly back off from giggling as they grow maybe they feel it's a girly thing or doesn't come out well with their changing voices. Girls do giggle a lot and it can spread quickly among the crowd. To me a smile can be given by anyone and can be controlled, a laugh can be loud and heard by many but a giggle is unique as it's a little quieter but audible and difficult to control. Sur, why not, when we can laugh, we can certainly giggle. Only thing is as adults, if we haven't done it, we may look funny or abnormal to people who know us.

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    Thank God, I am able to have at least a smile or giggle every day. In our home we discuss many things current and past. They offer us moments for giggle. In addition the various messages and jokes coming in whatsapp also help me/ us catch a giggle.

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    For curiosity's sake I googled 'smile' and the result is About 2,50,00,00,000 results (0.55 seconds). In retry, it took 0.64 seconds.
    see attachment.


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    Nowadays social media posts and WhatsApp post are sources for a giggle. Every day when we go through these posts we will have a giggle for some time. We have a lot of giggles these days with the new addition in our house. When we see her in the cradle playing with her and legs, occasionally smiling by seeing at us and inviting all of us to lift her from the cradle, nice happy moments in the house from the last three months. A real chance to smile or laugh. All our family members in the evenings sit together and passing our time with a lot of smiles with her.
    always confident

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