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    ISC achievements for 2018 - what's yours going to be?

    Hope knocks often, but especially on the first day of a new year. It is then that we look forward the most with the expectation to achieving something. We welcome hope across the threshold and hug it with enthusiasm, looking forward to the happy day when we will give a pat on our back for succeeding.

    So, let's see, what are the personal ISC achievements you look forward to with hope? What will make you really happy?

    Here's my top-5 list, to be achieved by 31st December 2018:
    #5: Win a few more contests & get awards.
    #4: Reach the milestone of Rs.2,00,000 in cash credits.
    #3: Reach the top 5 in the 'All Time Top Performers' list.
    #2: Reach the milestone of 1,300 articles.
    #1: Make my critics my best friends (smiling)!
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    During the first three months of 2018, I would be very busy due to my daughter's Board examination and so my contribution will be very less. Even then, I would try to score 10 point everyday and to participate in some contests. From April, 2018 onwards I will try to plan something. If possible I will try to get Platinum shield in this year.
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    Convey my wishes for success to your daughter for her exams. Wishing you, too, best of luck to get that lovely, finely polished Platinum Shield at your profile page.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    It is fine if somebody aim to attain certain goals during this year, 2018. This needs a purposeful use of the time available. Persons like me cannot fix a goal. The main reason is the diversified activities I am to take up regularly. However I might get more time to spend for ISC this year, if things go as I planned. One thing is certain that I can find more time to spend for this interesting activities after six months, when my present assignment will be over.

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    My slated achievements for this year would be to reach the 50,000th count forum response and also 1,50,000 points from the forum response alone. Like wise I want to reach 10,000 th forum thread with a target of 50,000 points from that. And wants to maintain cordial relations with every one with not interfering in to any duel.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A meaningful and relevant thread for this 2018, what better than setting some landmarks for us in ISC itself. So far, thanks to my flexible working hours, I have been able to be active in the forum. This year, I hope I can be of use in the article section, continue my participation in the forum as far as possible. I hope to be more active in the ask the experts too. A few prizes and awards will always be special to me and would certainly motivate me. Let's see with the grace of God and the support of the members and admin, it should be doable. Last but not least, I want to spend time usefully without getting into controversy.

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    Le me admit tat I will not be keeping any targets or deadlines. I want to be as happy and free as possible. After almost half a century of goals, targets and deadline(during education, career and personal&family life) when I failed to enjoy many things due and deserved to be enjoyed,now I am keeping my body and mind attuned to a way that there are no targets and deadlines. It is now as is where is.

    If there is some other thing that attracts and involves me then I may not visit ISC that time,day or those days. I have seen that I am best when acting impromptu then and there. Long term planning has gone haywire many times. So I have only short term plans now. Those are also subject to review and changes.

    In ISC , this year,I would be happy if I can post everyday without absence, and anything that comes my way, whether points cash credits, badges or awards and prizes, I will happily accept as achievements and bonus too.

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    I am not setting any targets for myself, for ISC. However, I will celebrate landmark achievements as and when they happen.

    I wish you the very best and hope you achieve all your targets. Most of your targets are within reach, so it is not really a mammoth target list.

    I like the fact that you placed making friends of your critics, as number one, on your agenda and I am also honestly quite intrigued by it. But, then I also wonder why you would think of your critics as not your friends. Does 'smiling' denote that you view them as unfavourable nemeses and want to work at changing your opinion of them? Or is it that you think they loathe you – and you want to wave a magic wand and turn that dislike into friendship?

    How about taking a different view – critics do not criticise you, per se. They question the activities and the actions and are at most times correct, in their stand. This insight might hopefully help you see that the target is not a target at all. Smiling!

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I am also not very keen on setting any targets for me.
    I want to learn new aspects and new subjects by going through the various articles submitted in the site. I feel they will be of use for me in some aspects.
    I want to be an active member of both forum section and Ask Expert sections. I want to share my knowledge whatever little I know through these sections.
    I want to contribute some articles basing on my time availability.
    The full year of 2017, I was active on this site. I want to continue this year also if God permits
    In the year 2017, I got some awards and prizes. I wish and pray that some I should get this year also.

    always confident

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    I have no such target in ISC, in fact I have lost my interest to put a goal to achieve something in ISC. Above all, I am not at all free that I could be online continuously though, I always love to spent my time here. So, no target it set for me. I will contribute as the time available for me.

    The managing Editor's number one target might not be achieved because friends are those who are always unbiased and not judgemental. However, keep smiling for your other achievement which will sure going to happen.

    Happy new year with a big smile.

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    I was quite active during 2017 and that itself has become a benchmark for me and I feel I must cross that during 2018.

    That amounts to about 10 articles, about 20 prizes/awards, around 600 questions to be answered, making critical comments on at least 80 articles, participate in at least 30 contests time to time etc.

    In that process I have to collect at least 8000 points and for some members it may not be a big thing but I will have to spend some quality time at ISC if I am going to achieve it in 2018.

    Anyway the whole year is there and let us try our best to achieve our respective goals in ISC during 2018.

    Wishing everyone a happy and creative journey in ISC, all the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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