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    In Railways 16 percent of the safety category jobs lie vacant

    We all know over the years, the government has been infusing greater investment on Railway safety and the investment rose to 57 percent so far. The safety category includes posts related to inspection of tracks, signalling, engineering, telecommunication etc., for ensuring safety of the rail network. But Railways has stopped recruiting staff for those categories and the demand for the same is very much felt in Northern Railway and other Railways. If Railways wants to ensure cent percent security and safety it must have sufficient staff, do you agree or not ?
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    It is disturbing to hear that 16 percent of jobs are unfilled in the most critical part of the public transport service that is a lifeline to many citizens of India. Sadly, this is the truth in India, safety and the value of human lives always take a backseat behind politics and apathy.
    There are many such examples the Mumbai fire tragedy, the Kolkata hospital fire tragedy, many train derailments last year, buses fall off narrow and old bridges, fatal accidents due to potholes and inadequate preparations during monsoons. The list is endless. Every time a tragedy has to happen before the authorities can jump into action mode.
    I also read about the shortage of specialist doctors in general and absence of qualified emergency doctors in government hospitals in South India. I'm sure such shortages would be there in vital services of the police department too because of the rapid expansion of the cities.
    It is high time that any government, irrespective of BJP or Congress etc should be responsible enough at least to focus on the safety of the public in the essential services and vital public sector.

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    Many posts in government sector both in state and central many jobs are vacant. The required actions for filling the posts are not gicenthat much importance.The posts which are vacant in areas which are not connected with the operations are transferred to the essentials departments. This has become a common phenomenon in many departments. The safety matters are neglected in many ways which is the main reason for many mishaps. This is minimum duty of the government to see that safety department is fully strengthen so that the citizens will have confidence. Even government teacher posts are also vacant and they are delaying the posting which will effect the students very much. The main reason for the parents not admitting their children in government schools is lack of required teachers in the schools.
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