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    New thought: How about serving tea and biscuits for police doing night duty in chill weather

    We have been talking about new oaths and new year resolutions which were of no use but would remain in paper. But there are people who are thinking differently and do the work as per their wish and thus become famous instantly. I came across a image where in a group of youngsters served tea and biscuits and wished Happy New Year to police men who were on Midnight Duty for New Year's Eve at Mumbai's Marine drive. Now That is called a Mature way to celebrate the new year in different way.
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    A great and different way to celebrate New Year, remembering people who cannot have a day off as they have to work as part of the essential services. It is a mature and responsible way to enjoy the new year and the policemen would have been very happy to see that youngsters instead of troubling them are actually thinking of their condition and taking care of them. Anyone can buy a cup of tea and some biscuits for 10 odd rupees but it is the thought that counts. On New year's eve, In Bangalore, a group of youngsters has been holding placards about the danger of drink driving and being responsible for traffic signals. Some hospitals and charity organization send their teams to old age homes and orphanages to celebrate Christmas and New year with a difference. These are noble gestures, which mean more than just enjoying and thinking about ourselves, it is more about our fellow humans.

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    That is what is empathy. Placing ourselves in another's shoes.
    I have seen this more in villages than in cities and towns. But even in my place I had seen the nearby shopkeepers or even passers by offering water to the traffic police on duty. During rains people give umbrellas to them.

    Kindness, empathy and sympathy are not yet totally lost, but fast dwindling.

    Such gestures are to be appreciated, because we ourselves fail to do so.

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    It is a good gesture and good way of celebrating the new year. Many people consume a lot of fireworks to celebrate the change of the year. Bidding farewell to the old year and welcoming the new year with a lot of sound and pollution. It is a waste of money, disturbance to neighbours and adding to pollution problems. instead of such activity, it is very good to offer tea and biscuits police persons on duty is good. Instead of wasting money on alcoholic drinks and inviting diseases and problems, offering food to the police is a very novel thought and we should appreciate the guys for their actions. It is true that in villages when there are some functions or celebrations many people offer food to the beggars and needy. On these festival days, more needy people will visit many houses and generally many will donate them some food or money to them. It is also a very good gesture to donate food to the people who are in need.
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