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    US is now feeling the pinch of having over helped Pakistan in return for nothing ?

    The Donald Trump administration is furious over the behaviour of Pakistan and it is now fed up. It may be noted that so far US has given 2.11 Lakh Crore in Indian Rupees to Pakistan which works out to 3.65 Lakh Crore in Pakistan Rupees. That means the Americans has officially wasted money on Pakistan in last 15 years and in return they got nothing. Trump was furious that Pakistan gives shelter to Terrorists and US has to hunt them in Afghanistan. This changed behaviour in US is the advantage for India.
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    All through, Pakistan was cuddled and cosied by US as a pet baby. While giving verbal pep, talking something to India when the US leaders were here, they simply forgot all those the next day on reaching Pakistan and showered cash and kind on them as the most favoured.

    The rethink by US now is not because of any special love for India or their realisation of the true colour of Pakistan. tI is only because US has lost its leverage with Pakistan as that country is more close to China and had dared to ignore and drub the US.

    India need not be blinded by the sudden gaze it gets from US. US tries to score a double in this. It has almost succeeded in creating a gap between India and Russia. Now it is exploiting the doubts of India in China's rising influence in nearby countries. Let India be alert and aware not to fall into the US trap.

    India should evaluate and take its own stand independently. It should fully realise its potential and exert its stand because now US needs India more than India needs US.

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    America deserves congrurulation for its aggressive stand, though such action has taken considerable time in implementation, it is a welcome step. However, how long US can maintain such a firm stand has to be seen in the near future. There may not be immediate impact of withdrawal of the aids Pakistan was enjoying it may take some time to see its effect.
    By engaging its people in terrorism, what sort of gain it is trying to achieve. It is a high time for Pakistan to think over the steps which can strengthen the country economically. It should think how half of the people starving for food and education can be brought in the mainstream. Though planning and implementation of such a move may be a time - consuming process but sooner it starts, the better. It should really do a home - work for the entire restructuring of the economy. By denying a hefty sum of Rs 1624 crore, US has done a commendable Job and hope such a stand by US would be an eye - opener for Pakistan.

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    If this statement had come when we had the Mumbai terror attacks, then it would shown that US is a true ally of India. Why did US wait for so long for a business tycoon turned POTUS to issue a statement. This dilutes the credibility of US administration and its view of India. I would agree with Mr.Veniketeswaran sir, it is just a poly and a different move in the changing dynamics of our part of the region. India should be neutral and not bend head over heels to please US for such statements. Glad the USA has at least come out in the open and agreed that it is a waste of time making these huge payments for so many years. No offence meant, but what is surprising is, many of the past presidents of USA have been much more popular, much more respected than Mr.Trump. They could have done this long back. So after agreeing that 33 billion USD has been wasted, toady US has suspended the 255 million USD military aid to Pakistan. I'm sure Pakistan will rubbish this completely and favour terrorist attacks silently behind the scenes.

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    Even though it is late at least now the US is able to understand the fact that by giving huge loans to Pakistan they are not going to get anything in return. Pakistan is going nearer and nearer to China as both of them are common enemies to our country. So the US is unhappy on this and takes a decision of stopping all aids. It is good on their part. Better late than never. But the US is not having a real friendly nature towards India also. India need not be surrendered to the US. Now India is a very strong country in its defence. They are going forward with the much technological mission which will help the country in maintaining their individuality and can teach a lesson to any country which tries to annoy our country. On the other hand, our neighbour is trying to see that terrorism will have a leap by encouraging them. Pakistan will learn its lesson for the misdeeds it is doing. The day is not far away.
    always confident

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    In response to Trump's tweet, Pakistan Foreign Minister Kwaja Asif said…Inshallah, we will let the world know the truth…..difference between facts and fiction.
    I suspect a danger in stopping US aid to Pakistan. They will start selling weapons to terror groups and make money. Pakistan is very vulnerable country. It is the US responsibility to protect Pakistan's nuclear weapons from reaching it to the terror groups.

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    Mr Mohan, don't you think we are being fooled? Just see China's reaction. Was it something that Mr Trump anticipated? I think so. With a PM who wants to project himself above all, I have strong doubts that my (My) nation is going to suffer.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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