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    Let's remain like babies

    God created Man and Woman, why didn't he just create adults directly?. Instead, he aptly Chose to make us as babies and we Chose to ignore his reasoning. Who doesn't like a baby? A baby, irrespective of its caste, race, and color is a bundle of joy to hold.

    It is life in its purest form. Just observe a baby's face, it's radiant with happiness and aglow with joy. The eyes are sparkling and are waiting for you to make eye contact. The giggles, smile of an infant is a true joy that is contagious, even the sternest grandfather breaks into a little smile as he holds his grandchild or great-grandchild.

    They are energetic, bubbling and like the Duracell bunny, are active except during sleep time. This little life changes the dynamics of an entire household or two. It makes people forget their problems in life, little clashes of ego and thoughts and induces visible changes in the atmosphere of the home and behavior of the family members.

    Let's be babies spreading joy, love and pure thoughts in life.

    My thread for the Happy Threads Week
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    Real happy days in our life are the days of our childhood. That too before we start ur schooling. Everybody will enjoy their life up to a 5th year without any problems. No inhibition. No other considerations and o formalities. How those days will go we won't even know. But our problem will start from then onwards. A good thread by the author. Gone are the days always.
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    In one Tamil serial two old men sat in a park and talking. Amidst talking they watched the children playing by their side with joy. One of the old man told another that he was envying on them as they were free from ever thing. The other replied,' I am not envying on them but instead worrying about future. Now we ourselves suffering with many problems but in their future.....?'

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    Well the thought emanated from the author's mind was very apt and natural. But God has given has the compulsion of growing from baby to adult and during the process we go through the teen age, grown up age and finally adult and elder age. All these process would give us immense experience coupled with pain and ecstasy of life. In that case how can we smile and keep the smiling face even in our edge of life. Nevertheless a try can be made to be calm and composed and never get agitated and for that one must be self content, no family problems and children must have settled well.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Just as a factory produces updated version of its products, the life of humans also work. Old versions are withdrawn by God and new versions are introduced. Those also will become worn out and obsolete and will be replaced by more new versions.
    The four stages in human life are Baalyam, Kaumaram, Youvanam and Vaardhakyam( babyhood, childhood&teenage, youth and old-age) It is believed that God resides in the body of babies. So they are only of innocence and virtues. That is why babies re liked and loved by every one. It is only after the babyhood that humans start losing the innocence gradually.
    But even at any age we can cultivate virtues and innocence and become babies once again.

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