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    Raise your glasses for this sober animal.

    Water. Liquid gold. Universal solvent. Sustainer of life.
    It's textbook phrasing,"no life without water". And its true too. Water is absolutely one of the most essential components of life.

    Camels can go 15 days without water. Desert gazelles shrink their organs to reduce water wastage.
    Many frogs store water in their bladders and likewise desert tortoises too.
    Australian thorny devil drinks through it's skin, the morning dew.
    Koalas rarely drink. They get their water requirement from eucalyptus leaves.

    But there is one critter than never drinks. Kangaroo rat of North American deserts.
    They dont sweat and pant. Their urine is highly concentrated and their kidney are highly efficient. Kangaroo rat eats insects and seeds. They derieve their water requirement from these.

    Actually, most rodents, our normal mouse can too live without water for months.
    Rodents are the toughest mammals.

    But no one holds a candle before kangaroo rat when it comes to being sober.
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    A good information about the requirement of water for different animals in various places. A human being can't survive without water That is true. We were studying about water in our studies, my teacher started telling the lesson in a different way. She started saying water, water everywhere but no single drop to drink. When you are travelling on a ship and if you are feeling thirsty. You come on to the deck. You will observe water everywhere but you can't keep even a single drop of that water on your tongue. That is how she started the lesson, later on, she has gone into the details. After reading this post I remembered this and posting here.
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    A good thread updating us about the animals that can live in water scarce environment. Had heard about the Kangaroo rat but didn't know that it survives without needing to drink water. Perhaps, scientist can study how this happens and see whether we humans can learn and implement for ourselves. Because, I think, in the future water shortage will be a key issue that needs to be addressed or people who are unfortunate enough to be lost in the desert or dry areas or trapped can at least know the survival skills from these experts.

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    Interesting information to read, from the very beginning when we begin our studies at school we are taught that water is most important and necessary compound to sustain life on the planet earth.
    But reading about something which is in existence without this valuable compound is a fascinating fact.

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    Aditya has shared some wonderful information to which I am ignorant so far. Now we understand that some sober animals does not need water to survive and that is really a God gift. But I am wondering that God has created water for plants, animals and human beings then how come some animals does not need water at all ?
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