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    Smile a while, it's not miles away!

    A foolish man wants to be happier and makes no efforts, just simply cursing himself sitting at a distance. But a wise man just develops it under his feet. The reason is that he designs his own plan giving no chance to fall into someone's plan which may not suit to the circumstances one would be facing. He just works out his own strategy, thinks cool and not worried about others to know what they are doing.

    The happiest people in the world are not those who are gifted with everything in their favour. They have no particular reason to be happier. Staying cool with a simple smile even at the time of difficult times is their strength and that gives the confidence to overcome the challenges. You may be well dressed and looking good but your expression makes a difference. No price tag for happiness and it is not at a distant place. Just within you, smile a while and be happy!
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    A good thread with a captivating title.
    I have much to concur with some of the points made. I become happy even with small things and small achievements. I can make any reason to be really happy.
    Lord Shiva is called 'Ashutosh' because he becomes happy and pleased fast. If we can make a slight change in our attitude and approach, we can be happy most of the time.

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    Good to see a nice thread early in the morning and immediately I smiled on my own by reading the content. Yes face is the index of mind and we should not show our displeasure or disagreement against anyone openly as that would reduce our personality behaviour in front of others. By smiling you are assuring the opposite person that you are ready to accept him or her and start conversation with friendly manner. That is the reason being so even if a stranger smiles, we think we are already in contact with him or her previously and hence open up to start the conversation or discussion. One this is sure by smiling we are bringing positive vibes for ourselves and others and the whole persons present there would have the positive feeling discussing the group. As far as possible we must smile and make others happy with our behaviour.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice post and nice title. We will be ready to go miles if we have smiles on our face. Keeping a smile on our face is an art. some people whatever may the condition will never forget the smile and never keep it away from their face. You may be having some problems if you want to think about those problems you can do that. Don't show your unhappy face to all. But be smiling at other and go on your planning for your goal. That will be a strong person's attitude. If you show your problems on your face nobody will come and help you. So don't lose smile. it is not going to cost you anything.
    always confident

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    I heard smile increases the life span.
    So, I think, those who are sitting in the reception desk are happiest people of the world, always smiling! So, I like them!!

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    A good thread about the importance of a smile. As we go through the ups and downs of life, we smile or cry appropriately. One can't expect to be smiling always, they have to learn the value of smiling when they experience sadness while they are crying. There are many people who have a smile on their faces always, doesn't mean that they are happy and have no problems in life. They do have their own share of problems, probably greater than ours but they smile because of hope and the knowledge that their problems can be fixed with time and effort. Keeping a smile on your face conveys a positive outlook and people like such individuals rather than people who are dull and sad always.

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    How much one advise, the smile does not come by force unless you provide the reason for it. Simply saying won't do anything we must require action too to bring smile. I would request people, instead of suggesting someone to smile, do something for them to bring smile on someone face. Its not miles away if we believe in our action.

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