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    Do you think Happy days are here again for Tamilnadu?

    With the political arangretam by star actor Rajanikant, the dynamics have changed in Tamilnadu. His announcement yesterday made tremors in the stste and the supporters thronged into streets with joy. If he makes it into the power corridor of the T N assembly, he would be th fourth actor to become C M of the state. Of course, we have to wait for another couple of years.

    Can he bring back the smile on the face of the people of the state?
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    Mr.Rajinikanth is a force to reckon by any person or party in politics. By his formal announcement, he has sent shivers down many veterans in the political arena. Already, a DMK leader has issued that it would not affect their party. Another AIADMK leader has been neutral.Comments of BJP parties and Karnataka Congress leaders have been positive.
    Two of his biggest challengers (the late Ms. Jayalalitha and DMK supremo Karunanidhi) have given way to the new leaders in their own parties. So, he stands a good chance with his mass appeal and huge fan base. But it is not going to be a cakewalk. Announcing entry and actually running a party are two entirely different things.
    What Rajinikanth needs is the political machinery from the grassroots to the party spokesman who run the campaign like a well-oiled machine under the overall supervision of a veteran election planner who consistently delivers, the likes of Mr. Amit Shah.
    He needs to accept his limitations, form productive alliances and later on break off, it doesn't help him and the people of TamilNadu. Yes, certainly the good days are ahead as the competition is going to be intense and the only beneficiaries could be the masses.

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    Sorry I cannot find any change in TN politics despite the big announcement being made by Super star Rajnikanth to enter politics and wowed to contest all the 234 seats in TN assembly. For establishing a party, mere supporters are not enough. Organising skills must be there. There is no single leader with Rajni to guide him or take him to next level. His oratory skill is very poor. He may be well received as a actor for punching dialogue and that happens with repeat takes but in politics the leader has to speak in front of audience spontaneously. What I feel that Rajni must study the history of NTR who came to power as a actor throwing out the strong Congress government within eight months of forming the party and I fear that kind of zeal is not present with Rajni nor he has the capacity to come to power amid so many parties already showing their profess in TN.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    After Amma's demise, I think there is some space left in politics of tamilnadu. Maybe BJP is also thinking to enter from backdoor with rajnikant in tamilnadu. But i think, this time DMK maybe powerful as compared to others. Reason is clear that 2G verdict is came and no one found guilty. So, DMK may try to justify this with people that it was political propaganda. They did good work for country.

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    Another veteran actor in the political arena in Tamilnadu. DMK supremo Mr Karynanidhi is not active in politics as he is not able to move around. Ms Jayalalitha is no more. Then people are trying to sell the name of Jayalalitha and get the winning advantage in the elections. In this situation, the entry of Rajani is definitely going to change the political equations in the State. The state is having a name for Hero worship. Rajani is very well known and have a lot of fan following. If all the followers support him it may not be very difficult for him to become a CM. Entering into politics is not that difficult. But keeping the party alive and planning for the votes from the fans is very critical. If you take the example of Andhra Pradesh. NTR started a party. Even though he is new to politics, he was guided by many political pundits on the field and off the field. He was successful and became the CM of the state. But another mass hero Chiranjeevi was not able to convert his fans to his vote banks as he was not having any political bigwigs who helped him in planning. Of course, people say personally he got benefitted by merging the party with Congress. Similarly, the success of Rajani may be more dependent on the politicians who will help him with their shrewd political experience. Anyhow, I wish all the success to Rajani.
    always confident

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    I do not know whether Rajnikant has measured the people's pulse. As of now he has a large fan following. But whether all will be so loyal to him if he don's a politician's garb is to be seen. Already the rumour mill has started functioning churning out many rumours and guesses about his bias and leanings. They are spread with an aim to confuse his loyal fans and make split in their unity.
    Kamalhasan has already started on his venture towards politics. He showed his leanings towards the communists. It was noteworthy that when Kamal was sending out signals about his entry into politics, Rajani and Kamal had a personal meeting. What was that and how it will impact the political ambitions f each- as adversaries or alliance partners - has to be seen.
    But I am clear on one thing. No one will get the same blind bulk loyalty and faith as MGR or even Jayalalith got from the Tamil people.

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    Having a huge fan base does not guarantee Mr.Rajinikanth's success in politics, yes, they would help him to stay in the race but if he has to climb the podium, he needs support, backing and the clout of a party. The fans may give him a chance but he has proven his mettle. We should give credit to Mr.SuN who raised a thread sometime back that hinted at this entry into politics with Ranji and Kamal being CM and Deputy CM. Maybe it's on the cards, who knows, let's wait and see.

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