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    Let us start making the garland of happiness threading together bits of happiness

    As I believe 'Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself', I start by sprinkling those few drops first...

    Though not at all planned, I had a childlike giggle when I forumites noted that I get the credit for the first thread on the new year in ISC forum. It was after 11.30 pm that I happened to see the related thread where there was such a hint. A sudden childlike eagerness propelled me and I made two impromptu threads and posted. Chance, they clicked. I enjoyed that momentary happiness with naivety.

    I received a sincere reply to my New Year greetings to a relative with whom I lost contact since few years. It gave me happiness and I have a hope to revive the relationship.
    Happiness number three: One of my bankers visited me at my home a few days back and personally wished me and handed over their 2018.Calendar and diary. It was first experience to me as a receiver, though I had done the same to others ( as a giver) during my career. I wrote a letter of appreciation to their head office, and enclosed a small amount for my account as a token reciprocation for their gesture. Today I received a call from them thanking me. I could sense their happiness from their voice.

    (Though I am only ordinary customer to them, I feel, probably my relative seniority and approach would have evoked special regard to me)

    Happiness number four-I got a routine SMS from my regular bank intimating credit of FD interest in my account. I felt happy as it brings good news of income in the New Year.

    I feel these bits of happiness are the starter to make a big garland of happiness this year.
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    Good thread sir, it's like appreciating small things in life. There would be many things that happen in our day to day lives which would give s genuine pleasure and happiness provided we are humble enough to see these events. A little gift, a phone call from a long-lost friend, a simple letter of acceptance of our proposal or acceptance, a small bonus coming our way, or even a simple blessing from our elders or well-wishers all bring us joy if we learn to be aware of them. Little positive news and events like this would certainly make a good tidy amount of good if we look at it as a whole. Some people have happiness coming in like a windfall, God bless them, like winning a lottery, getting the dream job, getting the dream deal clinched, addition to the family, a marriage finalized etc. But such events are not regular events, hence people who think of big things in life often get dejected and fail to see the small titbits of joy that one has, few days of a week.

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    A very nice thread. Small small happy moments and incidents will make us very happy.
    I have done my +2 in the year 1971-72. After leaving the college I have o met again many of my friend.After 45 years there was a call from a friend of my mine inviting me for a get together for our +2 classmates. I was there and met almost 15 persons who studied with me in that college during that period. Even though I was there for 4 hours my happiness is very high. Because meeting friend after 45 years is really a great experience. Those people when they reminding me of those days I felt very happy. Back home my sons are waiting for me with a cake for a new year. Another happy moment. Then sat for a while, a call from my parents wishing a happy new year. A wonderful feeling and excitement. All these happy moments made my day a garland of happy moments.

    always confident

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