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    Will the New Year tweet of the POTUS be deleted?

    I admire him. He never bothers to behave like an intellectual or a liberal. He is never afraid of calling a spade a spade. He understands the core issue and directly tells it without thinking about diplomatic niceties. On 1st January, 2018, he tweeted:-

    ''The US has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lie & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan with little help. No more!''

    The leaders of the country which is referred to by the POTUS have gone to a huddle. This single tweet has brought the country on the verge of economic collapse. This is also seen as a success of diplomatic initiative taken by the present Indian Prime Minister.

    But I am thinking something else. He has called the people of a country cheats and liars. But instead of objection, this tweet has become viral within 4 hours. Why? Is this tweet going to be deleted in future? Will the authority advise the POTUS to post some goody-goody tweets?
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    That depends on the policy of the site. Basing on the policies of the site where that appeared, it will be decided whether the tweet can be there or deleted. On Twitter, I think it will remain. Now, this posting on Twitter is viral in social media. A lot of discussion on that is also going on.
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    It is not surprising as they are used to blow with the wind and react based on their needs. They took 15 years to understand a fact about the nation which they have funded all the years. The understood the menace of terrorism only when the WTC was attacked. They learnt that a particular country was harbouring terrorists only when the mastermind of the WTC attack was killed by them during the strikes and yet spared them. While Iraq was attacked with the simple reason that they were holding Biochemical weapons. That is the theory they follow and they always take time to call a spade as a spade!

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    But I am more concerned about the tweet and not about the US policy. Will this tweet be deleted by the website? Isn't it abusive to an entire nation?
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    On 1st Jan POTUS called the country liars and stopped military aid. On 2nd Jan, China praised the same country for their persistent efforts in fighting terrorism. This just shows the school boy mentality of countries around us. While we were close to Russia, America supported Pakistan, while we are getting close to Japan, China supported Pakistan and now while Pakistan is supporting China, USA is calling them liars and in turn China has come out in support of Pakistan. Whatever the issue, any country sponsoring terrorism should think what if the same terrorism affects it's own country and its own people. How does it feel to be directly or indirectly responsible for having the blood of innocent humans on their hands? I think the big superpowers like China, USA, Russia should have some basics standards on etiquette while dealing with issues like terrorism, fanaticism, drugs etc. They cannot just make allays or enemies based on who's who in the given region. The tweet may not be deleted but the US administration must be working overtime in planning how to handle the fallout.

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    Partha, If some intelligent person would have editing the Tweeter, it would have definitely got deleted. But, fortunately some people have their own boundary and their power is limited into that. So, I don't think this post will get any deletion because what the US president has said is with their long experiences.

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    I don't know whether the post will be deleted or not because it is up to the authorities sitting there working as handlers behind Twitter.
    But I wish it shouldn't be deleted because it is true and people should give their free opinion to it but shouldn't force their opinion.

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    The underlying message reflected in the thread and the responses #621666 & 621660 are understood and let me play straight. The deletion of threads take place in ISC as per the Forum guidelines and we are not aware of the twitter posting guidelines. Mocking at the Editors directly or indirectly is not a healthy trend and I request all the members to refrain doing so. Once in a while a wit and humour would look nice but not always!

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    At least there is changed perception and thinking against Pakistan and the US now ponders over and would seek India as its best ally in Asia and that is for sure , thanks to PM Modi's right connection with white house. Our BJP MP Subramanyam Swamy also urged the Modi government to go further level of cooperation and building more close relations with US as President Donald Trump is the only person who can take action against Pakistan as India cannot initiate any attack on Pakistan fearing back lash from with the country especially Congress and thus if Trump administration takes action it will benefit India immensely.
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    Well i read tweet of Mr Donald Trump and instantly famous in world. Because tweet was first tweet of new year. As if now trump administration is not clear in news they are saying Pakistan has to do more against terrorist organizations.
    Now i ask myself, Do you think USA world super power was foolish in past. I don't think so, USA peoples / administration is very intelligent. They worked with nations on need basis. These days it is like trend people blame everything on past. You need understand that India has to fight it's battle on problem in every field alone. No country can is going to help you in the middle. Also, what India will do if he forces lakhs of Indian worker back.

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    Now, the US is receding from Afganistan and Pakistan is no more required for the ulterior motives of the US. Hence POTUS is changing his stand. Americans are not that simple that Pakistan cheated them for so long. I want to mention that there is no diplomatic victory of the present PM of India in this tweet. The US decides her policies as per the interest.

    The US has been supporting Pakistan against the USSR. The US has been calling the terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir as freedom fighters. I remember a tweet from POTUS giving thanks to Pakistan. POTUS is not a friend of India either. We are seeing the US visa policy. He won the election on the rhetoric of hyper-nationalism and hatred towards a particular religion. This ideology may suit to some people in India and hence they are admiring POTUS. Otherwise he could have done something concrete on the issue of handing over of the terrorist living in Pakistan to international agencies.

    I could not understand why the tweet would be deleted.

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