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    The hidden jewel in my heart

    There are many tribulations and challenges in our lives every day.Some we pass and some we fail.
    Some make us and some break us.
    But what is the secret behind the most successful people in their lives?
    What is it that they have gained and adorned above the rest?
    It is the hidden jewel of their hearts which they have found.
    Yes, it's this hidden jewel of adapting to change in their life with open arms.
    They never complain and cry about the troubles in their lives to everyone.They gather their courage and use this hidden inner jewel to get them going on the road to success.
    Fear of the unknown and criticism always come hand in hand on the road to achieving dreams but it is this winning attitude powered by fearlessness and calculated risks which makes them true achievers.
    Have you found your hidden jewel yet?

    -Entry for TOW Contest
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    Adapting to change or accepting the change is the jewel in the heart. A good thought. The author has brought out a good point asking all not worry about the negative aspects but accept the change, be brave and forge ahead for success. A good post and I liked the thought.
    always confident

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    If we do not adapt sufficiently and resist or block anything new, then that will not only be conducive for ourselves, but it will stifle development also. Sometimes adapting to new changes may not be easy especially if the 'old' is settled and cemented since long. However one should understand that change is what is happening without change and so change is unstoppable.

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    Author has compared the true spirit of dedication and focus towards one's goal as the hidden inner jewels.

    That is absolutely right, it is not easy to continue to the path of success, you need to be inspired and very focused. You need to accept changes that come your way. People will be there to criticize you every moment, so keeping all that apart and still moving on is the real spirit and will help to achieve the goal.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    The ability to adapt to anything that people and life can throw at us is a unique quality that all cannot have. Hence in that respect, we can call this trait- adapting to change as a jewel. This along with a positive attitude is certainly a jewel that we can have in our inner self and be successful in life. To adapt to change means being able to change to succeed.

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    Adapting to change with open arms are the persons who are liked and adorned by others. The author has rightly pointed out the content in the run up to the tow topic submission.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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