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    Who is the real jewel?

    The school was (and still is) considered one of the best schools of South Calcutta. Although it has been a Government-aided school, the results of the Board examinations have been better than most the English-medium private schools. Year after year, the students of the school have been bringing laurels for the school. The school is also known for football. Every year, the students have been participating in various competitions and bring shields which are proudly kept in the room of the Headmaster of the school.

    During seventies and eighties, one of the Mathematics teachers of the school was well-known all over South Calcutta. His terrible as well as funny method of teaching the subject can still be heard. He was the most famous teacher among the illustrious teaching faculty members of the school.

    The teacher had a son. He had been the student of the school during mid-seventies. He was an exceptionally brilliant student, got ranks in Xth standard and XIIth standard Board examinations and studied Aeronautical Engineering at IIT-Kharagpur. Immediately after passing out, he went to the USA and joined NASA and later started working in a missile development programme. He was considered a jewel of the school. His name is still there in the Honour Board of the school.

    A curly-haired boy studied in the same school during late seventies and early eigties. He was a good footballer but weak in studies, particularly in Mathematics. He had to face terrible time in the class of the Mathematics teacher. In Xth Board examination, he committed almost a criminal offence (!); he passed in second division! He left the school.

    Time passed. The teacher continued to teach. The students of the school continued to know about the only son of the Mathematics teacher. The students learnt about his salary, his palatial house in the USA, his car and also about his American wife. But he never visited his country for more than ten years.

    The teacher ultimately retired in 1993. Immediately after his retirement, he was diagnosed with cancer. Due to red-tapism prevalent at that time, his pension was not released. He had to spend considerable amount (which he had earned from private tuition) in his treatment. His wife was baffled. The son never bothered to come or send money for his treatment.

    In the meantime, the curly-haired boy completed his Graduation from an ordinary college of Calcutta and got an ordinary job in the State Government. At that particular point of time, he was posted in the Pension Department of the State Government. One day he saw the frail Mathematics teacher in the corridor of his office. Knowing about the problem, he made every effort-involved every colleague and officer of his Department, and managed to release the pension and other retirement dues of his teacher. The teacher did not survive long. He left the world in 1994, but the back-bencher student ensured that the widow of the Mathematics teacher live more or less comfortably after the death of her husband. The 'jewel' never bothered to visit his mother.

    Now, the students and ex-students of the school are in a dilemma. Although the name of the son of the late Mathematics teacher still remains in the Honours list, the ordinary student, who is an ordinary clerk of the State Government, is now being considered 'jewel' of the school. Not only for the Mathematics teacher, he has ensured timely release of pension of all retired teachers of the school.

    (Competition entry)
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    We may be very big, we may be in a very senior position and we may be earning a lot of money. We are happy. But if we are not taking care of our parents and if we never bother about then we are of no use to them. Then, in my opinion, we are not a human beings. It is the minimum responsibility of the son to see that their parents are comfortable. Sending money is one aspect. But holding his hand and following him when the requirement is there is the basic requirement. I can't consider such person as a jewel.
    The real jewel is the person we helped the mathematics teacher when it is needed. He also helped his teacher's wife after the demise of his teacher so that she will be having no worry about the money. Really we should appreciate that person for his help. I think he is the real Jewel.
    A good story and a good entry for the competition.

    always confident

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    A lovely use of the word Jewel in a good narrative story to bring out the character of two different individuals, one who is bright student, settling abroad, forgetting his roots, the other an average boy doing a non descript job but remembering the teacher, taking time to help them in their time of need and going out of the way to help all the teachers with their pensions. What is the point of great money, position and living in a foreign land, when the son never sent any money or even visited them, when he should have done both There would be many such situations wherein children have settled abroad and the old parents are left to suffer here in India. Certainly, the true jewel is the unrealted average clerk, a student of the teacher who has a true human soul, far more higher than the son of the maths teacher who's an Westernised NASA scientist.

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    An awesome story Partha sir. It's truly inspiring to see how you narrate your stories so beautifully.

    Whatsoever heights one attains in their life if they don't care for their parents, their money and success is worthless.

    Even if you become a person living in a foreign city with luxuries, one should not forget their home. In this story, the person who was like a jewel to the family, the teacher's own son did not care to look for his family.
    A person who was living a normal life, just a student of the teacher, being in a government job helped them have the pension and help them survived and cared for them.
    It is about who we consider important to us and who actually really becomes important in our life when we are in need

    Do what inspires you !!

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    There are many similar real life stories. Life is full of ironies, twists and turns. Many times the unexpected happen, expected do not happen. Help comes from most unexpected source, the expected source betray us.

    The story will find sympathy i all members. What is primary is the core message hat we cannot write off anyone. As LordSri Rama showed, even a squirrel can be part of big things. It is only secondary to see the keyword connection.

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