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    Illegal Bangladeshi migrants can go back now.

    The state of Assam released a draft citizens list on Jan 1.It is home to 2 million illegal Bangladeshi migrants. The list is released by National Registrars of Citizens (NRC)
    The citizens list is based on the census conducted in the state for the first time after census of 1951.Those who do not figure in the list will have to leave the country. The draft NRC list will be available to the public from Jan 1, 8am online at several government websites.
    Illegal migrants must go back. They are robbing the youth of India of their livelihood.- Narendra Modi.
    We are living here for generations but today we are finding it difficult to provide documents to support our claims that we are Indians----A migrant.
    Apart from local security apparatus, 60000 troops of Central Para Military forces have been deployed at every nook and corner of the sensitive areas in anticipation of tensions that could flare up with the announcement of the list.
    Government machinery is tightening everywhere. Hope, this will be a peaceful process.
    Finally, we are seeing a solution to the demographic imbalance that we discussed earlier in this forum.
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    It is good that the National Registrars of Citizens (NRC) has released a draft citizen list on Jan 1st. The persons who are not there on the list has to leave this country. But this a draft list only. People who are the Indians but if their names are missing there may be a way to see that they can prove their citizenship and get their name included in the list. There may be some time limit for that also. Let us hope there will not be any law and order problem in the state and everything will get settled. Trespassers should always be shown their way.
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    From my personal knowledge I know that condition of Assam (and also that of West Bengal) is precarious. We must start identifying the illegal settlers, don't allow them to vote in Indian elections at any level and ultimately send them back to their country. However, exception must be made to those who have come to India to avoid religious persecution.
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    The issue of illegal migrants is haunting the various Governments worldwide and there are no easy solutions.

    As the international borders are not sealed throughout their existence it becomes really difficult for any Govt agency to control this movement in the beginning itself.

    Once there is a large accumulation of these people in a country a lot of hue and cry takes place in political as well as public circles. These people mix with the poor and slum dwellers in such a fashion that even the best of detectives are at their wits end in finding these people from the local lot.

    With time they get access to various national identity marks like voter card or Aadhaar card and more and less become the citizens of the country.

    The international human welfare agencies laud at this default happening and appreciate it in international forums paving ways to more such movement across international borders.

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    Just a few days back, I read a report about 6 Bangladeshi illegal immigrants living in the outskirts of Bangalore with genuine ID cards issued to them. It's a huge embarrassment for the government and it's a disgrace that Indian people involved in this racket have not even bothered about the national security before committing such shameful crimes of issuing Aadhaar cards.
    It is a difficult task for the Assam officials and the central government because of the hue and cry that arises when any authority try's to push out illegal immigrants. We all know the crisis that Europe is facing. These are times when our strength would be tested. There would be the issue of using force against these illegal migrants who will put children and women in the front as shields. We should be persistent and assertive in getting these illegal migrants out of the country because, we have to fend for ourselves and safeguard ourselves and our resources. In this particular issues, all political parties should cut across party lines and have a united stand.

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    If it is true I think it is very bold and good decision made by Assam government and needs to be implemented as soon as possible.
    But such bold decision is always hindered by petty vote bank politics of few political parties I hope this time there will be no such hinderance as this decision will also get support from central government.
    And if implemented properly I think this will be applauded by all the Indians especially the unemployed youth of India.

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    Well everyone want the stability and peace for in the world. We also want illegal people should go back home. We know the horrors of immigrants during 1971. Approx 1 crore people came and after war everyone send back to home.
    But here is the point. Illegal people can send back only if Bangladeshi government agrees to take back. They may start background verification etc. But taking back lakhs-crores of people, i don't know how India will manage this and convince other governments.

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