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    'Singh' the word is enough to feel proud

    The surname "Singh" is not unknown in India. Often people think that Singh surname belongs to only Sikhs, those who wearing turban. However, the history is too old. "Singh" is a Sanskrit word which means Lion and the title is traditionally used by Kshatriya warrior in olden days. It is long after in 1699 when Guru Govind Singhji adopted this title for his pupils.

    I started not using my surname in ISC, long back but now I feel to bring it back. So, I am starting this new year with my profile name which I am using it every where. I feel proud when I see people having this title have so much impact in our history, in our culture no matter which field it is.

    I don't know if this thread bring or able to bring smiles in one's face or not but this definitely will bring smile on my face.
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    It is good that now Jeet has become Jeet Singh. It is good. The general concept is that Singh is a caste-like any another caste. This is very good to know. I hope you will have a good time with this new name on this ISC.
    always confident

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    Many people use only their first name in forums or question &answers places and in fact, it is a completely personal choice to use either first name or full name.

    It does not make much difference as people know us by our writing styles and effectiveness of our expressions and our name is only a pointer indicating to it.

    Anyway as you have mentioned it in such a simple but effective style we have happily noted it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Happy that you will mention your complete name in ISC. I am 100% sure that you will be a true lion ('Singh') in this platform.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Umesh, I would not have replied you but since you got cc, i should reply you. First of all if you respond to someone do it with your heart, please just don't post it for earning points. Your sentence "Anyway as you have mentioned it in...." showing your feeling as if it was so hard for you to accept my surname!

    However, it is true that people here are known by their writing but who says "title" does not make difference? If you don't want to show your title it is your wish but "title" does make differences in our real life. And let me tell you, I have purposely brought out my title for some people who must know who am I from where I do belong.

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    Mr. Jeets, glad that your full name is Mr. Jeet Singh. On a general note, we all should be proud of our names, even if some names are too long or sound old fashioned. The first name is given by our parents and elders after choosing it carefully, should we should never feel ashamed of it. The second name or surname often is that of our father or our family title, once again a name that we should be proud to say and use often. A true man or woman worth their salt and character would never think twice before using their names. In the same manner that we are happy and proud of our names, we should ensure that the names of our father or family is not brought to disrepute by our actions. Our achievements big or small should make our parents and ancestors proud in the society that we live in.

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    Natarajan, you are absolutely right and I agree with your statement that "the names of our father or family is not brought to disrepute by our actions". We should never forget our ancestors and give them their due respect with our positive and true action.

    Partha, I wish I could have provide CC to you for the statement you have made it. However, I would like to be a truly human with one single face to show to this world. And, my behaviour or action should not change according to the situation and time.

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