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    We both were in the same boat.

    If felt so nice to be back here in ISC after quite some time. It was a mini vacation for me. I had an awesome time with my family. We went camping and had a joyful Christmas and New Year Celebration with many new year resolutions.

    Today morning as I went out for a morning walk, I heard a loud wailing from a little boy behind me. His mother was literally dragging him along the street. He was screaming his lungs out, he was screaming to his mother in his mother tongue that he didn't want to go to school. The lady who seemed to be his mother, was in no mood to listen to him, she was silent all the way and kept dragging him to the bus stop where his school bus was there. He was lifted and put on to the bus.

    Seeing this scene, I had a smile on my face though I felt sorry for the little one, I stood for a while to see the child in the bus, but as the child was put into the bus he stopped crying. He stopped almost instantly, the lady was waving goodbye at her son, and he was still staring at her through the window as the bus passed by, as if he was so angry at her for putting him into the bus. I had a small giggle but then my situation was more or less like this, I was so sad in my heart that my vacation was over and I was in no mood to get back to work.

    The only difference was that I was screaming in my mind that I didn't want to get back to work and this vacation to get over, but as soon as I got into my company bus, my daily schedule started.

    He found it hard to get back to school and I found it hard to get back to work after vacation. So we were both in the same boat.
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    It is very common for working people to feel sorry and not feel like working after a weekend or a long weekend. They will feel always bad to go to the office on Monday. My both the sons will always be cursing the Monday and they start waiting for Sunday from Monday itself. Children will express their unwillingness to go to school loudly. But young people will not cry but they will always be cursing Monday and be inviting Saturday. That too after coming back from a vacation and going to duty is like going to a jail from the house. However, once we are in we will be back to work. That is natural.
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    For a pampered child, parting with the parents after having three strong years of cozy living and cuddling often, the child feels that mother is now discarding him to send for the school. Children are most attracted to the play way school but not with the regular school. If the elder brother or the elder sister studying in same school, there may be bonding with the younger ones to create the school going habit. But if the mother does not have other child and the only child who was much pampered then she has to listen to their demands and not going to school is their first and great demand.
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    Monday morning blues, an accepted expression aptlys describes the minds of people how return to work in places where the 5 day working week plan is followed. For such people the weekends starts from Friday evening and after a carefree weekend, they literally find it difficult to drag their feet back to work. Similarly after a vacation or a trip children and adults also are still in the holiday mood taking time to switch to working mood. I cannot blame either of you because, I've also felt the same after a good annual holiday or a short break. I think, it more than the memorable experience of a stress free holiday rather than the thought of avoid work that makes us feel lazy to get back to work. I think the human mind does not want to be bound by rules, regulations, orders and repetitive monotonous tasks that are common in school life and workplace. To be honest, once we are back at our desks, things get going and soon we forget our anxiety that we had in the morning. Likewise, the child that was crying stopped once he got on to the bus.

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    Nicely brought out by the author and connecting with the title of the thread. It reminded my own childhood memory when 4 students had to be sent by my school teacher to get me into school. School was in my locality where everyone knows each other well.

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    When a child starts to go to school from kindergarten it is a very normal scenario, the crying out loud, getting irritated, angry and creating drama not to go to school.
    But once a child gets habitual of going to school the process becomes opposite than he craves for school to carry on and long holidays duration bores him. And once passing this stage when this child reaches college this craving for going to school gets bigger and he/she begins to nostalgic in school memories.
    And I too become nostalgic whenever think about my school days this is what my thought would have been in the situation of the author.
    Whereas I also agree with the analogy made by the author of the thread i.e, of being in the same boat because at that particular moment that child was in the same situation of being dragged to a place where he doesn't want to be.

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    I can understand the resonating sentiments in the inner minds of author when she saw the reluctant school boy.

    I never detested going to school. I say this from where I can recall and from what my parents and elders told about me. My son also never had any dislike going to school. He was actually quite eager and excited on his first day at school. I could watch the wonder and amusement on his face when he saw some children crying and pulling at their mothers dress.
    We had acclimatised him with school by giving an idea that school is a nice place.We had taken him to the school and made him seethe collective atmosphere in school and how children play and make merry.We used to tell him how he will learn new things , how he will meet new friends and teachers etc. Whenever we used to by the school(before he was put in the school) we used to tell him that was going to be his school. All this made him like the school and looked eagerly to join.

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    Sitting in my office, not in a mood to work, just browsed the ISC from my desktop and opened this thread to know what the content could be. The title looked though interesting, I presumed of a pathetic content and left it unread till now.

    Frankly, my mood changed and back is the smile on my face. A well-narrated incident linking with the present state of mind of the author. Yes, you are right that we too have the same pinch after a good holiday break and going back to attend the resultant pending work which spoils our good memories of the holiday. Yet, such breaks work as energy vitalisers to focus more. Coming to the little child, his action recalls everyone the days of their childhood.


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