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    Real jewels, Stale jewels

    Women love jewels. Sometimes men also like wearing rings of rare jewels. But how effective are jewels in our real life? Are they really close to our heart? If jewels are so dear to us women, then why don't we keep them with us all the time? We don't do that. We fear that if we wear precious jewels outside then they might get lost or stolen. All our life we live with this fear. We don't use the jewels we have properly. We keep it stashed somewhere, maybe a bank or a secret locker. Then we pass it onto our legal heirs. They also continue living with the same fear and commit the same mistake.

    Do you ever feel that had it been hard cash you could have made a better use of it? In fact, you could have used the money for your or somebody else's help. These jewels have no real meaning in our lives. These are stale and pale jewels.

    It's better to cherish fresh and real jewels of your life. To each his own. For somebody whose family matters most, the jewel of his life is his family members. For another person it could be different. So stop running after meaning less jewels and care for the things that really matter to you, that is your real jewels.
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    Good post. The real jewels are what you want and what you like in your life. That is what I understood from the post. You try to be near with your family if you feel they are the jewels of your life. Even though you have many ornaments you can't keep them with you always as they are attracted to many people and there is every chance that somebody way snatches away. So it is not safe also. So don't worry about these ornaments or jewels. Be happy with whatever you like.
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    After reading this post, my thoughts ran to my childhood days when once I asked my parents as to why we bound to give so much jewels for the marriage of the daughters. For that my parents replied that life is always not smooth and if we give the jewels it stands to be exchanged for hard cash even at 12 midnight. That is the power of the jewels especially which are made of gold. And when the daughter goes to other house, she may fall short of cash for her requirements in case the in laws or her husband fails to address her needs. Same has been well presented in this tow topic content.
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    Nice usage of the jewel theme. Physical jewels or ornaments have been a pride of many generations and in fact one's social status was reflected in the quality and the amount of jewels they wore. This is still true in big lavish weddings where the bride would have a sore neck after wearing numerous chunky jewelry pieces. Although we don't use them much or often, I gives a sense of security that we have something to fall back on. If their is a daughter to be married, the jewels become even more precious. I agree, that we should not run behind this after a certain point. Once we have few, then we can spend the money usefully or save it or even have a well deserved family holiday and treasure the memorable moments with our family members. I think, the concept is slowly changing, most people do not run being ornaments always and use their time and money doing other things that are important to them.

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    Yes, many times I feel like that instead of investing of jewelry my parents can invest in something better but as it has become a part of the culture that one needs to have jewelry but they won't agree with this kind of thinking.
    And this thinking of mine become more prominent when I see in many Indian families parents prefer to save money to make jewelry for their daughter's wedding which they can invest in her higher studies. They don't understand that the good education can become a real jewel for a girl.

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    The author has really placed a good debating topic about jewels. If we go on analysing and pondering then we may find pros and cons ourselves. Ornaments were used by humans even from stone age. Those times they were made by stones. It was later that even some stones became precious and jewellery became a valuable possession of humans.

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    A thoughtful post on the theme of jewels. The most important jewelry item that is kept safely by people is the gold items, some people buy a lot of gold biscuits, some of them buy some silver coins also, and keep it safely in the locker as a part of their treasury. They consider it as their property.
    That is true if we think of using such jewels in some useful thing or in helping someone. Why not do something great and fruitful out of such ornamental money.

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