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    The ignored jewels of Modern families

    Many of us fancy life in the metros, a lavish life style, a trendy apartment, acquiring wealth and a neat trim nuclear family. In the bargain we tend to forget about our own origins. But for them, we never would have never had a life, forget the fancy apartment and the riches. Yes, our parents, the ignored jewels in some families.

    In this materialistic world, the attention, love and respect given to the elderly parents is slowly diminishing. The real jewels of any family have unfortunately become the Ignored jewels of the family.

    They may be old, they may be out of place in our current trendy life but they are full of love, wisdom, knowledge and want nothing in return expect to see how their children and grandchildren and living a healthy and happy life. These old jewels, hide their pain and tears, put up a brave face and defend their errant children who have just ignored them.

    It's time we pick up these jewels home, shower them with love and affection that we have all received from them, give them their shine(honor) back so that they can radiate and twinkle brightly even in the twilight of their lives.

    Let's make a conscious effort to restore these priceless Ignored Jewels back to Crown Jewels irrespective of our modern tag.

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    The importance of the parents in our lives and our duty to take care of them is written and explained many ways. It is another thread reminding us the responsibility of the people in taking care of their parents is explained. A family nowadays is thought to be wife, husband and their children. But the husband will have parents, the wife will have parents and they are the people brought these two individuals to that stage. This fact is very conveniently forgotten by many people and enjoy their life. But in that pursuits, the couple is forgetting that their children also will become wives and husbands and will have their own families. If we think in these lines we will never forget the jewels who are responsible for our well to do position today. A known fact expressed ina different way. A good thread.
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    The author chose to give clarion call through this tow topic that elders are the real jewels of the family and they must be treated with on par as we treat the modern jewels. This is the real situation faced in many joint families and the author has connected the voice through the tow topic.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Reading this thread I feel to ask a question. Do we forget or careless for our other jewels?

    Then why should we care less for the real living jewels in our families? It should be the contra. We should take more care and keep them better secured and well maintained.

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    I completely agree with you Natarajan, the elders of the family have become an ignored jewel in the modern lives today.

    People are so busy in their work, that they do not find time for their old parents. It is important that time and attention is given to them also.
    They have always showered their love and provided guidance to us, let us be responsible children and do the same.

    Do what inspires you !!

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