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    Why the convicts are brought with hand cuffs on and freed just when they enter court room ?

    We all know that the police would catch hold the wrong doers and produce them before the court and the judge shall remand them for 14 days imprisonment and before which the person would be allowed to apply for bail and get released on conditions. But when the convict is brought to the court for the dates and hearing , he was brought with hand cuffs on and then let out free in front of the judge as if the convict was free even in prison. What and why the police does such things, and are you aware of this being done by police ?
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    As far as I know when the convicts are on move they will be with handcuffs. But when they are inside the prison or in the court they may not have those handcuffs. This may be due to the fact that the chances for the convicts to give a sip to the police and run away are more during travelling. But when they in the jail or in the court running away is difficult.
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    In a court,every one is presumed to be innocent unless proved otherwise. So the 'culprit' is only an accused for the court. He has got all the rights to defend himself and oppose the allegations. An accused also has his full freedom to present his side of the matter.When the accused is handcuffed in a court it means he is not treated freely and fairly.

    Court is a justice rendering authority.
    But the police is aw enforcing and security mechanism. So they have to take precaution on presumptions also. That is why they handcuff the accuse when they reasonably believe that if he is given free movement he may escape or even cause harm to the innocents.

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    In the eyes of the law the accused is NOT guilty until proved and even the guilty need to be treated with respect and dignity, hence both are not handcuffed in the courts. Even if the judge knows that the criminal has carried out the crime, he or she will wait until the facts are presented and every chance is given for the accused to prove his innocence if he's really innocent. Maybe, if there is a serious danger of personal danger from a violent criminal or a psychopath. a mentally disturbed person, then in the interest of the safety of others, the accused would be handcuffed. But for the police, it's a different issue, they are not as bothered about the rights as they are bothered about their escape. It portrays them in a bad light as being incapable of looking after a criminal. Perhaps, if the criminal really escapes, then we would be the first person to question why he was not handcuffed in the first place.

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