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    In a jewel which is Family, Grandparents are the most precious Gemstone

    There is an analogy often made in Indian culture that a family is like a Necklace (one of the most famous jewel) where each bead is important in connecting it together. And I completely believe in this analogy and for me, my grandparents are the most precious bead in connecting this jewel together. They always have something which keeps the family bounded either through their stories, lectures and even punishments.
    Whether they live far away or near they somehow have an everlasting impact on their grandchildren even if they meet once a year or during in holidays and in shaping the personality which further keeps the family bounded. I lost one of these gemstones last year so I dedicate this thread to all those gemstones you have. Love them be with them as much as you can because you don't get the precious time with them again and again.
    Parents also should keep their children in touch with their grandparents. If a family can't live together at least once a year children should be made to visit their grandparents. Because one day these precious gemstones will vanish suddenly from the jewel of the family and we will not even have time to say a proper goodbye. I am lucky to have lived many important memories and memorable moments with my precious gemstone and will still enjoy in future in a unique jewel I have, and I think every child should be this lucky to live their moment with the precious gemstone and in a bounded jewel if possible even if the jewel is not perfect the gemstone will always give their shine and brightness.
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    Oh. What a great thought. This is a real jewel of are all the articles for the contest. Grandparents are the jewels which keep all the jewels connected. I have lost my grandfather in my 44th year. I have more association with him. I used to wait for a chance to go to their village. He used to narrate stories from various epics very nicely and I remember many of these stories now also. Similarly my two sona are always fond of staying with my parents. They stay at our native place.My two sons will talk to them daily. A good post from the author and I appreciate the thoughts of the author.
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    A good use of the word Jewel and highlighting the significance of Grandparents in the family. Grandparents are the lynchpins of the families who hold everything together at good and difficult times. Their presence is vital for the overall growth of grandchildren. The bonding between grandparents and grandchildren is unique and one that has great fond memories for both. Any event in the family often goes through the grandparents a purchase, a new investment, a wedding proposal, family disputes and disagreements etc. Going back to my school days, I recollect the summer holidays where we spent time in the villages at our grandparents home enjoying the slow passage of time and peaceful green surroundings. Even know we send our children to see our parents often or they come to visit their grandchildren at our place. I think this happens quite regularly in many houses.

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    Lovely thread Neelam. That is correct, our grandparents are the jewels of our family. We should always love and respect them.
    They are the jewel in every way, in terms of teaching good habits, in terms of reciting stories to their grandchildren. In terms of caring also, they are the ones who do it most for their children. They give the best advice always. They teach us more about our culture and some useful rituals and we should follow their guidelines.
    The most important thing they need from us is our time and attention, so we should always take care of that.

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    This thread also has similar sentiments like another thread where in the parents were seen as jewels. This thread considers grand parents as jewels. Probably we treat them as antique jewels. In modern world antique jewels have more value . Unfortunately they are treated as antique and museum piece jewels and not for daily use. It is there that we suffer the loss.t

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