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    If your thread is starving for a single response means, it is not impressive or not understood

    Like in social media when we share any information or images, soon likes and comments would pore in and that gives lots of satisfaction. Same way if you raise a thread, it must gather the attention of on line members and also the those visiting at that our to ISC. If the thread was posted and for long time even single response was not forthcoming means , either the post was not understood or not that impressive to the liking of our esteemed members. Have you ever observed this point of view ?
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    There are two or three reasons as far as I am concerned. The first reason is the thread might have got missed in many posts with a short heading. The second one is the subject or the presentation of the thread may not be liked the members. The third point is the subject may be too hard to discuss and understand. The chances for the second reason are high. There are some threads in which the chance for discussion is less. There are also replies may be less.
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    The number of replies to a thread is a crude indicator of the worthiness of the thread. For instance, post a political thread, it is bound to have many responses, post a philosophical thread, it is bound to struggle to get 1-2 responses. The common reason could be that the thread may have missed. Many times, the thread would be of high quality and replies would be difficult to generate. Some controversial thread topics would be shunned by many readers. I neither bother nor worry about the number of replies for a thread of mine, If I think, it would be a good thread, meaningful or knowledgeable, then I post it. One should not post a thread with the core idea of generating responses as it defeats the purpose of ISC. It's far better to have one quality thread that is straving for a response than having a handful of average/ below average threads that are well fed with responses.

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    I think we've had a similar discussion before, about lack of responses in a thread. Then, too, most members had stated that it depends on the topic of the thread. Only those interested in it may respond. It is not that the post was not impressive or not understood.
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    I feel either the thread was missed, which is rare in my case. I miss threads only on those days when I do not visit ISC. Otherwise, I go through the thread in the first 2-3 pages. But of course, I respond to it mostly when I am interested in it. Certain times, yes when I am bored and is going through ISC, I do respond to other threads too. But when it is a busy day, I respond to those striking threads only.
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    It is not that the thread is ignored by people. It is just everybody's choice to reply to various threads. It depends upon their likings. Like I never respond to any political thread, because I don;t have any interest in politics.

    So, it all depends on people's interest. But this does not mean that the thread is not worth. Every write- up has its own significance. We should keep our writing the way we want.

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