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    They had their own piece of heaven

    I live in a place where people of different classes find a place for themselves. On the morning of the first day of the year, I happened to see something which made me realize the meaning of the phrase that 'it's not how much you, its just that what you have and how much are you able to make it out from there'

    These kids in our locality don't have a proper upbringing and and lack basic necessities.
    Normally, these kids would always be in dirt and shabby clothes, running across the street barefooted. But this fine morning of the new year, as I was peeping through the window, I saw something which was really inspiring. I saw these kids were all washed and dressed clean and tidy even in the shivering temperature. Though they didn't have the newest and best clothing, they dressed in their old yet clean clothes and were making merry and wishing everyone happy new year.

    So, this thing hit me big and made me realize that whatever bad phase we are going through or whatever we have or we don't; we should find our own piece of Heaven.
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    Nice thought of having once own piece of heaven in whatever little one has. And such things are visible during the festival when no matter how poor, sad, physically or mentally pained a person is he celebrates any festival with full fervor, joy, and excitement. The smiles in his face bring smiles to the whole atmosphere and also to others seeing him, like in this situation mentioned in the thread the author of the thread felt the happiness because of happiness of kids.
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    Nice thread from the author by having closer observation of happenings around. Yes we should not try to have things just because others have it and some times we want to have those things which wont suit us nor required too. So what I came to understand from the content shared here that life is the process and setback as poor phase would come to every one. One has to adjust and forge ahead. Living with the modest is the great attitude and in the age of child itself, if that quality develops they have the great chance of having good attitude when they become big. After all life will teach us the lesson.
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    Being happy or not is the personal issue I am happy if I have a cup of coffee early in the morning. I am happy if I have a new dress for my birthday. This happiness and contentment will always depend on an individual's choice. Some people always compare themselves with somebody else and feel unhappy about what they don't have and the other person is having. But real happiness comes with contentment. But greed develops dissatisfaction. So we should have contentment in life which will give automatically happiness.
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    Yes, just like these little kids, we should also know how to find happiness in small things. It is not necessary that having big things in life is happiness.
    Happiness comes from seeing others happy. Spreading good thoughts to each other is the best way to be happy. Life is a combination of such little moments, why not make every single moment worth living.

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    A great post that would many realize that running behind money, power and status is not everything. Blessed are those who can still have a smile on their faces despite adversity. I've seen in temples wherein people put 20 or 50 rupees, pray casually and go but I've also seen poor people coming in after a bath and with vibuthi or kukum to the temple, putting 1 or 2 rupee coins and praying with faith. To me, somehow these people seem to be more connected than the so called rich people with God.
    The kids and their parents about whom the author is referring , may not have much in their hands but on the day of the new year, despite their daily struggles, they have started the year with hope and faith, faith that they would do better, this is reflected in their efforts to clean and clothe their children with the best they have. We can also learn from such people to enjoy life with what we have in hand instead of constantly spending time worrying how to multiply our money and wealth at the expense of forgetting to admire life through the lives of us and our children.

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