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    Poems are jewels of literature.

    Those who love literature like to read as many books as possible. These books will consist of every section of the literature. That means Novels, Dramas, Poems, Essays and the like. However, when such people get a chance to speak on a platform, very often they will be quoting pieces of poitries. Actually such speeches attract more audience.
    If one go on speaking on a topic the listeners will get bored. A poetry quoted in between invites the attention and help listening. Any poem has better impact than simple talk. If one sits in a class room where literature is being taught one becomes more attentive if the teacher is teaching a poem. Thus poems have a prime place among various forms of literature.Hence it is only appropriate to consider 'poem' as the 'jewel' in literary forms.
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    Good thought. Poems are the jewels of literature. It is easy to remember poetry than prose. The poems we learned in our high school will be remembered many days. But the prose will be forgotten very easily. Probably this is due to the rhythm it will have in reading and the way it flows may make you remmeber it for long. A writer who writes poems will like to do that more than a prose. If the speaker who is speaking on a subject quotes some poems in his speech the listeners will get more attracted towards that talk. A good post for the contest.
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    Good thought from the author. When we are reading a running article or story and suddenly if a poem comes in between our interest rises and we read all the lines more than once and thus poems invariably add importance to the content.
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    Poems are like dreams. They give an insight to the beauty of the language .They are quite imaginative too.
    A language book in school was never complete without a poem. There was a time when we learnt poems in the primary level in school without knowing their meanings.many times for recitations.
    As we grew and learnt the different types of poetry forms. Few of them were elegies... Epics, Limericks and sonnets.
    Also they were different moods like the romantic ,pessimistic and the optimistic types of poems.
    As the author has mentioned that poems are jewels of literature, I was reminded of some of the very famous poets of the English literature.. To name few of them... John Keats ,PB Shelly, Byron, Robert Frost, William Wordsworth .
    My favourite poem written by William wordsworth was the Daffodils.
    Few lines from the poem
    For oft,when on my couch I lie
    In vacant or pensive mood,
    They flash upon the inward eye,
    Which is the bliss of solitude.
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.

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    A poet can express even complicated matters and emotions in a compact way. I think the early classics were all poems. Kaalidasa is known as Aadikavi-first poet..

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    'Aadikavi' is not Kalidasa. It is always referred to as Valmiki. His famous lines in Sanskrit, "Maa nishaada, thwa magama saaswathee ....." , is always quoted as the first poem.

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    A good use of the term Jewel, to be able to compose a meaningful poem, one needs talent and be gifted to write poems that sound so simple, yet so full of meaning and morals. So, it would apt to be called as one among the Jewels of literature. For a poem to be recited, it needs modulation and skill to have a traditional tone that appeals to the listener. For the audience, they need to be alert and listen carefully so that they can gather the meaning of the poem. Most of us would be fascinated about the poem by Robert Frost that has the captivating last lines, I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.

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