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    The one thing i want to achieve

    We live in a world where everyone aims to reach for material wealth , achieve their ambitions in life , earn name and fame and fulfill their bucket list , even i do . But ,despite all these worldly achievements , one of the thing that i want to achieve is motherhood, it might sound out of the box for an achievement to achieve , because so as the world runs , every girl will be a women and every women a mother . So , a women becoming a mother is not something as an achievement for the world.

    Every one has their role model in their life and for me my role model is my mother , what inspires me to achieve motherhood or to become a mother is the selfless love that a mother showers towards their children. The selfless love that a mother shows towards her children leaves me into amazement . According to me , motherhood is a point where a mothers wishes and desires for themselves saturates , they would do anything for the betterment and wellbeing of their children.
    The thing i am saying i want to achieve motherhood is because i want to see whether i could achieve that amount of selflessness , whether i can prioritize my children wishes and desires before mine. If i am able to do it , it will really be an achievement for me.
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    Motherhood is the greatest noble cause every women has to undergo and the God was so kind enough to give strength and courage to every one to go through that process of their marriage. Those who fear to have babies and have the doubts about the rearing of the child, they gets that habit naturally through the bonding and love being exchanged on daily basis by the the child and mother. Those who are mother immediately after the marriage , they are considered most gifted in the society as the lady turns women and try to get into the family responsibility with right earnest. By the way some modern couples are postponing their program of having by giving one reason or the other. Every thing in our life must happen according to time and by the way who are we top postpone such things when the nature is ready to help us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, motherhood is a great gift of God. A mother's complete faith in the child makes the child courageous and bold. A
    mother sacrifices everything for the happiness of their children. Really motherhood is a chance when one fills with the qualities of love and sacrifices. These two things are essential for maintaining a good relationship. A mother sacrifices everything for the happiness of her child. One of my maids worked hard brought of her son, but it is very sad that her son who got married left his mother, and now she had to live at the mercy of others.The pure relationship between mother and son is now not seen these days.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Usha, you truly said, a mother only can provide the selfless love in entire universe. Since the first heart beat of the life in her womb till the kid grow, a mother only provide all care, affection and love without thinking anything in return. May be that is why Mother's place is above than than the God.

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    #621736 - don't understand the view. why should modern women not postpone to have kid? the woman may not have money or may not want to have child due to job. Better not to have child than to neglect and just dump on nanny to look after.

    It is nice to be a mother and author has nice wish, but not all have same wish and for that you cannot say it is wrong. why to make woman forced to have child?

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    Mother is the living Goddess for her children. Honouring the mother and taking care of mother is very important for the children. A mother is always ready to sacrifice even her life if it is required to save her children. In this world, the mother will have ninth months more association with the child than all other. The association starts the day one the mother conceived the child in her womb. She feels very happy when she feels the movements of her child in her body. The pain a mother has to withstand during delivery is very very high. But she forgets all those difficulties once she has looked at her beautiful child on side of her after the delivery. So a lady will completely enjoy her time with her child in her hands. A mother 's heart will be understood by another mother only. How much trouble they are ready to take for the well being of her children is above than anybody. We should respect our mother always.
    always confident

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    The author has nicely narrated the feelings of motherhood and subtle way of attaining it.
    Motherhood is no doubt an unparalleled experience for a woman and she gets a meaningful fulfilment out of it.
    Attaining motherhood whether in time or later in the age is definitely a moment of pride for the mother as she is experiencing the biggest gift of nature in her lap.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author is deeply inspired by her mother and similarly, want to get to the stage of motherhood to see and fulfill the responsibilities just like her mother must have done.
    Motherhood is a sweet and loving experience for every girl. While a mother gives birth to a child and is on that stage, she imagines all the things that she will have to do for her child, how much the responsibility of caring for the child lies with her and what all she needs to do for that.
    Cute thoughts on the motherhood.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Many things which appear as routine and 'just happening' to many are not so for some. For them even such routine things have to be 'achieved and accomplished' with great effort, time and sometimes cost.

    I don't know whether the author has cobbled up this thread just for the sake of complying with the topic.
    However I know in reality people yearning for achieving of such routine happenings. I had once occasion to hear the conversation between a just married woman and her elder relative. The elder one was advising and suggesting when to conceive so that or the delivery the elder one can come to care and look after her. That somehow shocked me then. Unfortunately that woman could not conceive and ultimately she developed problems and had to get her uterus removed. I pray God forbid such sad happenings. I also give an elderly suggestion to people, let us not take everything as mathematics and science only.

    There are many things better left to be as sentiments, emotional and left to God to manage well.

    If the author is even a small percent serious in her message, I pray God bless her with her wish accomplished.

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    An excellent post by the author, the simple answer to your last few questions would be Yes. Motherhood or even Fatherhood is something that words cannot describe. It changes the nature, outlook and behaviour of a person. It is really worth wathcing the transformation from a carefree teenager to a loving mother or a dotting father.

    Gone is the free spirit to an extent, in comes the needs and desires to perform better, to earn better, to make life better for the sake of our children. Anything major we do ( be it a festival, a purchase of a TV, an party or a function to attend), we think of our children when they are out studying or on a school trip. It is normal for parents to give the best for the children even if it means missing out on their own desires and ambitions in life. I have seen many friends who would have agreed for an overseas trip or a trek to a little known place, people who wouldn't mind driving late in the night, they change so much when a child arrives, they try to avoid taking risks, avoid irrational behavior or extreme adventure sports because they have something to live for.

    Have you ever found parents sleeping soundly if their child is ill or suffering with a high temperature or a simple toothache. Even the sternest of the father would stand near the child's bedroom door casting a quick glance to see that the child is sleeping. It goes without saying that the mother would be sitting next to the child and sleeping by exhaustion rather than wish to sleep.

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    If we see any religious scripture, first place is given to mother because she took the life of baby on to this earth. To be natural, God decided to create human kind through mother only. So, love of mother towards her children is very natural and selfless. But, in the present world, that concept in mothers is gradually disappeared. I have recently come across in the news paper that a woman had sexual link with other guy and she tortured her baby to quit the baby out from her house with guidance of her illegal betrothal. That torture is very cruel that the baby was put on a dosa frier and the baby's seat was wounded severely. Such cruelty is danced in this society. Such people gets down the value of mother. In such crucial crux, you feel motherhood is a great gift. Madam, I appreciate in this moment.

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