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    Great king Veerapandi kattabomman birthday,today

    Among the freedom fighters against British during their ruling in India, a brave king of Panchalankurichy,near Thirunelveli of Tamilnadu, Veerapandi Kattabomman 's 259th birth day is today. He faught the levy rule of British severely and finally he was given hang punishment in a tamarin tree at Kayaththaru near Thirunelveli of Tamilnadu. The Tamilnadu Government laid a huge statue of him at the place where he hanged.(photo is attached ).
    Let us salute him for his brave and patriotism.
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    Thank you for sharing this piece of information. I believe INS Kattabomman, an Indian Navy establishment, located in Tamil Nadu, is named after this great freedom-fighter.
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    A great informative thread and thanks the author for providing us the details of freedom fighter Veerapandi kattabomman. It is not possible in school syllabus to provide every history details of entire India so such kind of threads are really useful people like me who has interest in History.

    Veerapandi kattabomman , is another Jewel of India who stand against the British East India Company and fought for the country and its people. Our head will always bow down for such people who gave their life for us. Salute to him.

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    Photo of statue at Kayatharu is attached

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    A good information about the Veerapandi Kattabomman. In one of the Telugu movies, NTR played the role of this man for a few minutes in a song sequence in which freedom fighters like Alluri Sita Rama Raju, Kattabomman and another twp freedom fighters were shown. Kattabomman refused to pay tax for the crop and questioned the British rulers why we should pay tax? he troubled the Britishers and finally, they have killed him. Many such people suffered a lot to protect the interest of our country and the fellow people. It is really good to remember such a great person on his birthday. Today India is a free country due to the sacrifices made by people like him for obtaining Independence.
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    Though I have written an article on Veerapandia Kattabomman, I failed to get his date of birth right. Members can refer my ISC article to know much about the great warrior of the South.

    Juana, you are right.

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    I never heard the name of this great warrior. Thanks to Mr. Pattabiraman for informing us about this great soul. Requesting some more details about the this great king.
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    The most tallest and inspiring warrior of Tamil Nadu Veerapandiya Katta Bomman was the terror to those who were against his attitude. The legend says that even Britishers respected this great warrior for his courage to stand up against the British regime for freedom cause.
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    Mr.SuN a good article with details of this great hero, Veerapandi Katabomman who stood against the British, right up the very end where he is hanged by Major Bannerman.

    The Tamil movie (1959) by the same name portrayed Shivaji Ganesan in the lead. The film's premiere was held in London and later in TamilNadu achieving a cult status. Shivaji Ganesan won an international award of the Best Actor at the 1960 Afro-Asian festival in Cairo wherein he received a standing ovation for 5 minutes. After this the movie was dubbed in Telugu and Hindi.

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