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    What is meaning of pleasing personality?

    I saw job ad for receptionist which says person with pleasing personality should apply. It does not mean only nice looking person I think. maybe it means someone with good manners also and is polite.

    How interviewer will judge to know a person has pleasing personality or not during interview of those applying for the job?
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    Good posting.You can see many managers,school teachers,headmaster/headmistress with hardened face as if they are strict. Let them strict in their duty but in normal posture also they keep their face as rigid. Opposite to this we can see some people to whom we love to speak even wantonly such face holding persons are called 'with pleasing personality'

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    A smile on the face, a humble conversation and a good conduct will give a pleasing personality to anybody. Not the height or the colour or the weight will give any pleasing personality. When somebody comes and asks a question to you if you answer that question without any hard looks, with good words and a smiling face, the other person will feel happy and that indicates that you are having a pleasing personality. Probably in the interview also, the way in which you are reacting, how humble are your words while replying and are you getting irritated with their questions will inform them about your personality.
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    By pleasing personality we mean, humble, cordial and obeying to the commands of the elders or boss. Normally those who are educated more wont abide by others. That is why company insists pleasing personality and not nice looking personality.
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    Pleasing personality here means someone who is interactive in nature. Have a polite way of talking.
    It means when the interviewer will ask them any questions related to their job, they should be able to confidently answer it.
    The receptionist has to deal with customers all the time with all the basic needed questions in any job. So, her way of talking should be good and along with a smiling face. They should be able to freely interact with people when any kind of question is being asked and should be able to answer them nicely.

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    A pleasing personality should mean that a person is not only pleasing by his outward dressing. He should be pleasing from within. A person with a good heart and a pure soul. Intelligence, beauty, cordialness attribute to the term pleasing personality.
    We often come across people with high standards but poor behavior. There is a saying..". Clothes do not make a man" I feel one should dress up and behave not to please others,but for your own self.many great people have made their names by simplicity and kindness.
    Mother Teresa is one such example of a pleasing and humble personality.

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    I agree that facial expressions would matter if you are doing a front-office job, such as that of a receptionist, ticket-booking staff and even a secretarial job as these are all roles of people who are the first seen & met. Basic good manners (saying things like 'May I help you', 'Please wait', 'Yes, madam, I will try to get this done as soon as possible', etc) and a soft-spoken voice with no rudeness are also definitely what defines a pleasing personality.

    However, I completely disagree with what K Mohan implied in his statement "Normally those who are educated more won't abide by others." Care to explain that odd view and in what way it is relevant to have a pleasing personality?

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    Have you ever met a receptionist or a salesperson who has a sulking or a stern face or be arrogant. These people are the face that people see and connect with the image of the firm or the office.
    Here often good looking or nicely dressed up does not always help. What helps is the common sense, a pleasing personality and a person who has the maturity and patience to hear out, pacify and make people comfortable and be helpful.
    The people at the interview can judge people based on there references and their performance. Practically whether they have a pleasing/pleasant personality would be made out once they join the firm. People in the front office often have to deal with difficult clients, delays on both sides, disgruntled people and take complaints all with a smile on the face without losing their cool. I think, this is what they are looking for.

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    To have a pleasing personality means to possess such qualities that can please someone else; such qualities does include the way you talk, behave, your body language, your tone and most importantly the expression on your face. When you say that you have a pleasing personality, it means that you can satisfy others who come in contact with you and can bring a smile to their face and they would want to interact with you in preference to others.

    An interviewer can easily make out whether the aspirant has a pleasing personality by putting across questions and assessing his body language and the way he responds and reacts.

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